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A Dog Reunites With Owner after Missing for 3 Years

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Chi-Chi’s owner thought she had died when she ran away three years ago. Dedra Crawford got an unexpected reunion last Friday, however. She got a phone call that can honestly be called a miracle.

Dawn Pennington was the one to call Crawford. She is the adoption coordinator at Kershaw County Humane Society and she reminisced about it in front of CBS News: “I said, ‘I think we have your dog,’”

Crawford adopted Chi-Chi 9 years ago while she was living in South Carolina. Three years ago, after being together for six whole years, the dog disappeared. What was making things even worse is that there was a major flood in the area right after that. Crawford was heartbroken and searched everywhere she could.

“I didn’t hear anything about her. I called shelters. I called sanitation people. I called everywhere,” Crawford said.

The years went by and Crawford moved to her native Queens to be with her family. She shares that she’s been going through not-the-best period of her life, but that’s when Pennington happened to call her. And after that miraculous call, Debra Crawford was able to take her mind off what’s been bothering her and lift her spirits up.

Pennington is reuniting Chi Chi with her owner. (Source: CBS New York)

Not only that, but Pennington also didn’t hesitate to make the 12-hour, 600-mile trip to Queens. That’s how excited she too was to bring Chi-Chi back to her family. And Crawford couldn’t be more grateful.

“Oh my God. It feels like a blessing. I’m just so happy right now. And she’s back with us again and shes healthy looking,” Crawford said.

Of course, the “miracle” was nothing more than just Chi Chi’s microchip – that’s how effective microchip are. This doesn’t negate Debra Crawford’s feelings, however, and she’s looking forward to being happy with Chi Chi again.

“Take her for a walk, and just have fun with her. Just love her for all the years she missed,” Crawford said.

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