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Maintaining Your Pit Bull’s Shiny Coat

Shiny coat pitbull
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Pit Bull’s Coat are glorious creatures and their coats is a big part of that beauty. A Pit Bull coat has short hair that lies flat and tight. Therefore, maintaining pitbull coat care is very simple. All that’s required is regular grooming and a high-quality diet to keep that coat shining elegantly.

Learn the basics about feeding your Pit Bull here.

Nutrition is Key

It’s hard to maintain a healthy and shiny coat without providing your Pit Bull with a balanced diet that has the required nutrients. When thinking of how to make a dog coat shiny, A high-quality diet that includes vitamin E, fatty acids, Omega 3, and Omega 6 will always help towards maintaining a healthy coat and skin.

There are also quality and healthy treats that you can give to give your dog a shiny dog coat. For dogs, carrots seem to be a great choice as it also helps your dog get healthier teeth. Chia seeds are also another good choice. But it should be kept in mind that the amount your dog eats is always monitored as chia seeds are high in fiber and calories.

Most commercial dog foods include these nutrients, but check carefully and do your research before you decide. There are some essential nutrients that most diets don’t provide. Read about supplements that will promote a healthy coat and skin here.

Daily Brushing

Pit Bulls are known for minimal grooming, but daily brushing might not sound exactly the same in your ears. However, maintaining Pit Bull’s hair requires way less time compared to some other breeds.

Use a rubber curry brush in a circular motion when brushing. That stimulates circulation and distributes the natural oils of your Pit Bulldog coats.

Dead hair and flaky skin cells make the coat look dull. You can easily capture loose hair using a ribbed rubber glove.

The daily grooming time can be a great way to bond and care for pit bulls. Start when they are puppies with gentle grooming and reward them during and after grooming to get your dog’s support.

Pit Bull's Coat

Shampoo & Conditioner

Pit Bulls have short coats that don’t require frequent bathing. When you bathe your Pit Bull, always use a natural shampoo that doesn’t include chemicals or pesticides. Always use a shampoo that has been specially formulated for dogs. Human shampoos contain ingredients that can irritate dogs’ skin and coat. Furthermore, avoid soap that contains alcohol, byproducts of sulfur and coal tar.

Always apply conditioner after shampooing to ensure that your Pit Bull’s coat is shiny. Find out more about bathing your Pit Bull here.

Skin & Coat Problems

Any dog can develop skin problems such as sores, hot spots and scabs. Pit Bulls are no different. Constant itching is a sign of some kind of an allergy that can be caused by many things such as food, products that you use on your dog or for cleaning the household.

A poor coat can also be an indication of an illness.Make sure that you consult your veterinarian if your Pit Bull’s coat is dull and dry despite your attempts at healthy grooming.

Spa Treatment

How to get a dog’s coat shiny? It is known that adding oatmeal-based remedies and coconut oil to bathes can make dog coats shiny. It is yet another extensive method yet what’s the harm of treating your best pal once in a while? You can give them oatmeal baths or apply coconut oil directly on their coat or mixed with shampoo.

A poor coat can also be an indication of an illness. Make sure that you consult your veterinarian if your Pit Bull’s coat is dull and dry despite your attempts at healthy grooming.

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