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Why Pit Bulls Get Cold in the Winter?

Dogs in general are tough animals. They are equipped with a furry coat and leathery toe pads to protect them during the winter. However, that doesn’t mean some breeds are not┬ásusceptible to lower temperatures. Short-haired breeds such as Pit Bulls get cold in the winter and they might need a bit of help to keep warm.

The short-haired coat is only one of the contributing factors for Pit Bulls finding it hard to deal with the cold. Let’s take a detailed look at reasons why they struggle to cope with the colder times.

Short Hair

Why Pit Bulls Get Cold in the Winter?

Your Pit Bull might need your help to keep warm during the winter…

A dog’s hair helps to keep their body insulated. The coat works like a sweater by trapping the body heat. Shorter the hair, bigger the chance of a dog feeling cold during the winter.

Low Body Fat

Fat acts as an insulator. Therefore, leaner dogs are more susceptible to the cold. Healthy Pit Bulls have lean muscles and less body fat. So, they are more likely to feel the cold.

Single Coat

Breeds that are more comfortable in colder climates have a second coat or an undercoat to protect them from the extreme cold. Pit Bulls however only have a smooth, single coat. Therefore, they have less protection during the winter compared to some other breeds like Huskies.

Large Ears

Your dog’s ears help him/her cool off during the summer. The thin blood vessels in their ears work as radiators. While this is great during the summer, it becomes a weakness during the winter! If your dog has big ears, he/she is more likely to find themselves cold during the winter.


It’s more likely that most Pit Bulls get cold during the winter. Some of the characteristics above such as body fat and the size of the ears vary from one dog to another. If you feel that your Pit Bull has all the traits mentioned above, it’s a good idea to take necessary actions to make sure that he/she remains warm and comfortable during the winter.

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