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How to Bathe Your Pit Bull

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Pit Bulls don’t need to be bathed regularly as they have natural oils to protect their short fur and skin. However, Pit Bulls are an energetic breed. If your Pit Bull gets dirty by playing around outdoors, you might not have a choice. Depending on your situation, you can bathe your Pit Bull every two weeks or even as rarely as once every six months.

You must make sure that you brush your Pit Bull every day to remove dead hair and distribute their natural oils throughout the coat and skin. The frequency that you bathe your Pit Bull should not be a factor for daily grooming.

It’s important to make bath time a fun experience when it comes to bathing a Pit Bull or any dog for that matter.


Taking your Pit Bull for a short walk is a good way to get him/her in to a calm mindset.

Take some time to get you and your Pit Bull ready for the bath. Make sure that you’re in control of your Pit Bull and that he or she is in a relaxed frame of mind.

Go for a walk with your Pit Bull before bath time. That way, they will not have much pent up energy to resist. They might actually welcome a bath when they are warmed up after a good walk. Make sure that you avoid rigorous exercise before baths.

Brush your Pit Bull before bath time. Brushing removes dead hair and helps your Pit Bull’s coat dry quickly after the bath.

Bath Routine

Most dogs run away and hide when it’s time for bathing. It’s important to get them used to a bath routine at a young age. If your Pit Bull doesn’t like bath time, calmly bring him to an empty tub and reward him with a toy, treats or with lots of praise.

Do this exercise a few times a day building up to the date that you plan on bathing your Pit Bull.

Supplies Need to be Ready!

Be prepared to get wet and dirty! It’s a good idea to wear an old set of clothes for bath time.

Rushing around during bath time is not a good idea. That will stress your Pit Bull as well as you. Have your Pit Bull’s shampoo, brush and extra towels near the bath tub. It’s also a good idea to lay a non-skid mat in the bath tub to ensure that your Pit Bull doesn’t slip during the bath.

Having some treats in your reach is also a very good idea.

Bathe Your Pit Bull

How to Bathe Your Pit Bull
Gently distribute dog shampoo throughout the coat.

Make sure that your Pit Bull is wearing a suitable collar when bathing. Leather collars shrink when wet and that irritates your Pit Bull’s skin. Leashing is a good option if your Pit Bull usually tries to escape during baths. Use a muzzle if your dog bites during bath time.

Use large cotton balls to keep your Pit Bulls ears dry. This will eliminate any chances of ear infections. Never spray water directly on to your Pit Bull’s head. You can use a washcloth to wipe your Pit Bull’s head, face and ears.

Use warm water to keep your Pit Bull comfortable during the bath. After washing away the dirt, gently massage in the shampoo. Make sure that shampoo is evenly distributed.

It’s important to rinse thoroughly and make sure that there’s no shampoo left behind. First, Pat away the water from your Pit Bull. Then remove the cotton balls from the ears and dry the Pit Bull using an absorbent towel.

Make sure that your Pit Bull gets some treats and lots of love after bath time. It will make the next bath much easier!

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