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Dog saves a woman from abduction

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Dogs are constantly by our side and are always ready to intervene when we need them. This became apparent once again in Volusia County, Florida, as we learned how a dog saves a woman from abduction.

Deanna Moore was just walking her 14-year-old golden retriever Sandy last Friday. They were in the Deltona neighborhood and things seemed calm and peaceful. That’s when a car pulled up behind them. Deanna didn’t think much of it at first.

“The street lights are not very well lit down there,” Moore said.

However, that’s when a man got out of the car and grabbed Moore by the waist.

“I’ve heard stories like this before, where they approach a woman and say something to them, but he just grabbed me,” Moore said.

That’s when Sandy jumped and got into the action. She started barking and tugging Deanna away from the man.

The dog helped her break loose from the man’s grip and the two started running away.

“God knows what could have happened after that,” Moore said. “Sandy was my guardian angel that night.”

Sandy and Deanne ran to the woman’s fiance’s mother’s house which wasn’t too far away and called 911.

Unfortunately, Deanne didn’t manage to get a good look at the guy. She only remembers that he wore heavy cologne and drove a navy blue hatchback.

“I distinctly remember the nautical tattoo. It was a blueish green, and it was on his hand right here. It was like a smaller size,” Moore said.

A golden retriever (not Sandy)

Police officers searched the area thoroughly, but the man wasn’t there to be found.

Moore and her boyfriend also drove around the neighborhood the next day, but couldn’t spot the hatchback.

Despite the lack of luck in the search, Deanne is definitely fortunate to have had Sandy by her side that night. People often get hurt when they are alone in the streets, but it’s not every day that a dog saves a woman from abduction.

Dogs Love Us More