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Man dragged his dog behind a pickup truck as punishment

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Anne Arundel County was recently the scene of a very appalling case of animal cruelty. A man dragged his dog behind a pickup truck as a form of “punishment”. Supposedly, the dog had escaped their yard and that justified the dragging in the man’s eyes. Police officers have said that he tied the dog to the bumper of his pickup truck and dragged him down the street. The police have charged him with four counts of animal cruelty

The dog’s owner is Herbert Carl Sensibaugh and he is 53-years-old. The dog is a German short-haired pointer mix named Rebel. The pointer had lacerations that needed to be treated in an animal hospital.

The Anne Arundel County police came to the scene on July 14 thanks to reports from the man’s neighbors. They had seen dragging the dog around the neighborhood’s streets.

Some of them confronted the man, but he told them to “mind their own business,”.

A couple of days later, Animal Control investigators talked with Sensibaugh and found out that the dragging really occurred. The man told police that he was only going with a maximum speed of 5 mph, however, after a confrontation with his neighbors he put the dog in the car. However, witnesses of the dragging have said that the speed was closer to 25 mph. According to his neighbors, “at times the dog could not keep up and would fall down being dragged, then would try frantically to get up and run,” the police says. “(The dog) appeared scared the entire time.”

Source: Anne Arundel County Police Department

During the physical examination of Rebel, it was clear that the dog was limping and had a laceration on one of the pads of his paw.

The police’s investigation of the interior of the truck also found spots of blood on the passenger seat. Rebel was taken to Alexander Animal Hospital where he got the treatment he needed.

The police arrestedSensibaugh on July 18, 4 days after the incident. A thorough search of his home found cocaine, 68 Oxycodone pills, 15 morphine pills and 12 Endocet pills.

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