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Pit Bulls Make Great Family Dogs-Top Reasons Why

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There is no denying the stereotypes surrounding pit bulls. However, dig under the surface and learn some facts about pit bulls and you will find plenty of reasons why pit bulls make great family dogs.

These are the top 10 reasons why you may want to consider a pit bull as a member of your family.

1. Athletic and full of energy

Granted, pit bulls are not the most exercise obsessive breed. However, they are still a highly athletic dog. If you have been feeling like a couch potato lately, having the perfect companion can help you get motivated.

Whether you want to take a walk, jog or run, a pit bull is up for it. This is one more reason why pit bulls make great family dogs. Furthermore, not only will you be exercising your dog, but you will also be improving your overall health. Find out more about how dogs can help you live longer.

2. Less maintenance

Long fur dog breeds such as German shepherds, St. Bernard’s, and Alaskan malamutes require regular grooming. Consequently, their long coats mean that they shed fur daily. Get ready to make the vacuum cleaner your friend with these breeds.

Pit bulls make great family dogs as their short coats require minimal grooming. Furthermore, they are less likely to be a breeding ground for fleas. In addition, bathing a pit bull is fast and easy and their coats do not need brushing. In addition, their costs and fur are also odiferous. 

3. They like to please

One of the reasons why pit bulls make great family dogs is their willingness to please. They are devoted to their owners and will do anything to please them and get their approval. Furthermore, pit bulls love attention and are very social with people and other animals.

However, some people take advantage of their loyalty and devotion and use the pit bulls for criminal acts such as dogfighting. Consequently, making the dog aggressive has contributed to the negative perceptions and stereotypes surrounding the breed.

4. Pit bulls love humans

The general misconception that pit bulls are aggressive is in one word—false! Often, irresponsible dog owners chain pit bulls all day and teach them to be vicious. However, well socialized, a pit bull will seek out human company perhaps even more than other dogs. Furthermore, whenever they are around people, pit bulls are always wagging their tails and giving us kisses.

5. Pit bulls are loyal

Pit bull owners can attest to the breed’s loyalty. Moreover, pit bulls form a deep attachment with their family. A well-socialized pup may not make a great guard dog. However, if their human is under threat, they will not hesitate to get between them and the threat.

While some dog breeds will take to anyone who gives them attention, pit bulls will quickly figure out who their family is and establish a bond. Moreover, a pit bull will stick by your side through thick and thin.

6. Pit bulls love rubs and cuddles

Another reason why pit bulls make great family dogs is they love being cuddled and petted. Does your pit bull look blue and bored? Simply give her a cuddle and her moods will light up instantly.

Your pit bull will want to sit on your lap and cuddle as you watch TV. Moreover, they will even sleep next to you in bed. In addition, when you are craving some loving, you can bet your pit bull’s got your back.

7. Pit bulls love kids

One more reason why pit bulls make great family dogs is due to their love for affection and attention. Furthermore, pit bulls love being around kids. That said, it is important to ensure that your pit bull is well socialized and that the younger members of the family known how to interact with them.

In the early years of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, pit bulls were named the nanny dog due to their love, faithfulness, and loyalty with children.

8. Pit bulls are fun to be around

All dogs have distinct personalities. However, pit bulls are just bursting with character. Be ready for some entertainment from your pit bull as she amuses herself around the house.

A well-socialized pit bull is your own family’s source of laughter when you are no longer in the mood for cable TV. Moreover, their character also seems to show more as they get older.

9. They are good for your soul

Pit bulls make great family dogs because they can uplift your moods. One look at that plump furry friend with a cute smiling face is enough to make your day. Certainly, few dog breeds can smile quite like a pit bull as shown here. In addition, you won’t have to find zest for life outside as all you need is your four-legged friend.

10. A relatively healthy breed

Some dog breeds are prone to certain health issues than others. For instance, hip dysplasia is a common health concern with larger or older dogs.

Patellar luxation and mange are also a common issue. Such health issues however seldom affect pit bulls. Moreover, if you are looking for a breed that requires minimal care, a pit bull may be your ideal family dog.

Some tips on owning pit bulls

Due to their natural enthusiasm for life and bounds of energy, it is important to know how to manage your pit bull. For instance, regular walks and exercise will help release any tension and makes them easier to handle.

Socialize your pup at an early age. This teaches them that other humans and dogs are not a threat and therefore there is no need to be defensive. Furthermore, any type of aggression is to be discouraged immediately.

It is also crucial to teach your dog obedience. This allows you to keep her under control whenever you are out in the general public.

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