Are You Planning on Travelling? These are the Best Dog Sitting and Boarding Options

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As a pet owner, it’s always tough when you need to travel and leave your loyal pooch behind. What’s more, he’s not going to make things easier with those lovely eyes and that sad face looking up at you when they know you are about to leave. However, sometimes, there is no choice but to make that trip.

Hard as it is for both you and your dog, you will have to make some tough decisions on where to leave your dog.

There are plenty of sitting and boarding options. However, the right one for you will ultimately be the one that gives you the most confidence that Mr. poochie is safe and is happy when you are away.

Let’s take a look at some of these options, shall we?

1. Dog Kennels 

You may want to take a more traditional approach and take your dog to a boarding kennel. If this is your preferred option, therefore, make sure to call ahead and arrange it. Also, it’s important that the kennel has the Pet Care Services Association Certification and that all the caretakers are licensed.

Keep in mind that dogs are pack animals and enjoy being around other dogs. Therefore, the boarding kennel should allow for this.

There should not be cats anywhere near the dogs. In addition, even if your pooch is used to having a feline member of the family, there is no telling what reaction a whole pack, especially one that has hunting type dogs, may have when they see a cat walking by.

2. Neighbor or family friend

None is better as far as trust goes. A family friend or neighbor who is also a pet owner and simply adores your pooch (and vice versa) can take care of your dog when you are away. Similarly, make sure that you return the favor someday and take their pet in when they need to travel. In addition, when you get back from your trip, bring them a souvenir as a token of your appreciation.

3. Pet sitting

This is perhaps one of the best options. Your dog will feel better in a more familiar environment. Therefore, by hiring a pet sitter to come once a day or multiple times a day and check on your dog, feed, clean, play with him and take him on walks, you can ensure that your pooch is happy and well taken care of during your trip.

In addition, you need someone you can trust and one who has proven to you that they are indeed the best for the job. After that, when they are away they can leave your dog listening to some relaxing and calming music.

4. In-Home Pet Boarding

In-home pet boarding is very similar to pet sitting. However, this time, you will be taking the dog to the pet sitter’s home. You will need to decide which is the best option between pet sitting and in-home pet boarding. Above all, your dog’s personality will have a lot to do with the final decision.

There are many advantages to in-home pet boarding. For instance, the dog gets to socialize and interact with others of his kind, share stories and talk about the new girl on the block—in dog language!

Above all, you will feel more secure knowing that you don’t have to leave your house keys with someone else.

Lastly, in-home pet boarding is much cheaper than hiring a pet sitter.

5. Take Mr. Poochie with you

Consider taking your dog with you on your trip. If you are picnicking or camping, you can bet that your dog will love it. Being close to nature is good for your dog as it connects them with their wild side. Above all, the different sights, sounds, and smells help stimulate their brain and offer them something new to their setting back home.

Also, some hotels are pet-friendly that you can book. However, make sure to do your homework beforehand as some parks and beaches do not allow dogs.

In other words, if your trip is pet-friendly, then don’t hesitate to take the dog. You might bring back memories that last a lifetime.

Some Awesome Pet Sitting Options

PetSmart PetsHotel

You can take your pooch to the PetsHotel by PetSmart and travel easy knowing that they will get the best service and care. With over 70 stores nationwide, there is all the chance that you can find one near you or within driving distance.

Your pup will certainly feel like they are on their vacation and might not want to come home considering they could even be set up in private suites where they can watch their favorite programs on telly.

There is 24/7 care. And when poochie wants to hang with the “crew”, there is a large playground just for that.


When you are away, you need to know that the person you leave behind taking care of your pet will treat them like family. Thanks to Rover, you can connect with many pet and animal lovers and choose the best one for you and your doggy.

You can find the right person for in-house pet boarding or pet sitting. Rover’s selection process is strict and less than 20% will be approved by the company ensuring high standards. What’s more, they carry background checks on their dog sitters.

D Pet Hotels

D pet hotels are known for their luxury suites. D Pet Hotels are situated in New York, Scottsdale, Los Angeles, and Austin.

With large flat-screen televisions, contemporary design, and with natural dog meals prepared by a chef, you can travel easily without a doubt in your mind that your dog is having the time of his life. And let’s not forget the gym with dog-sized treadmills and personal trainers for your dog to get in shape.

As for where the dog will be spending his nights, you can choose between a small doggie cot, twin size bed, and even a queen-sized bed. Your dog can watch their favorite shows after spending time at the gym. Don’t be surprised if they show a bit of reluctance when you finally come for them.

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