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9 year old male Labrador Cross available for adoption

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Bady is a 9 year old male Labrador Cross. This poor lad is a medium sized who has suffered a miserable life up until a month ago. He spent his whole life chained outside a home, with nowhere to shelter himself, completely neglected. When we finally convinced his owners to give him up.

Bady was immediately taken to the vet to remove all ticks and fleas he had and from the first moment he let us handle him without a single bad gesture. He had no problem with being carried and examined, he is as good-natured, calm and trusting as it gets. Not a bad bone in his body!

Bady is completely blind. This means he needs a home as tidy as possible, with no clutter, as that would only mean for him that he would be bumping into things. He is absolutely loving with people, children too, but as small children tend to leave things on the floor, we’d rather home him in a household with no small children.

We now know he has separation anxiety. After a whole life without love, now he doesn’t know how to be on his own and he cries when left alone. He doesn’t break things, but he suffers, so he needs an owner who will always keep him company. A retired couple with another dog would be perfect for him

He has so much love to give, he’d be a perfect companion for the right person. He is currently fostered in a city, but he finds it difficult to walk in the city, so a rural environment would be better for him. He loves to be wanted and he likes cats. Bady is only 9 years old and has plenty of years in front of him yet so we just want a lovely retirement home for him now. Bady is a very calm, sociable, affectionate dog.

Foster Report : Bady is a very easy dog to have, other than keeping the rooms where he has access to, as uncluttered as possible and trying not to move furniture around. He’s still learning his way around the house and still occasionally bumps into something, but he is a smart, resourceful boy and he has settled in better than we expected.

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He is now house-trained is absolutely a loving boy, he would love nothing else than having constant company in a calm house and cuddling up. He has no problem being handled, we can check his ears, his mouth… without a problem. He loves pottering outside. When he sniffs one of our cats nearby, he tries to go after them as good as he possibly can, out of curiosity, but they always run away and Bady doesn’t try any further, so he can live with cats. Whenever he’s met a dog, he’s been very laid back and sociable. He likes short, quiet strolls, and he doesn’t pull at all.

**Bady is one of our special compassionate cases??**

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