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DIY dog treats and toys

DIY dog treats, like toys, are easy to make. And why not make a few extra ones to give away to other dog parents you know?
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Any dog owner who says they don’t have a graveyard of abandoned dog toys somewhere might be bending the truth a little bit, if not outright lying. We’ve all been lured in by bright squeaky toys and colorful ropes and stuffed animals, all of which our dogs enjoy for about a day or two before tiring of them. Honestly, the same toy all the time eventually gets old, and the truth is that dogs really don’t care as much about aesthetic as much as humans do. So how about giving DIY dog stuff a shot? After all, you only need parts and ingredients you already have at home, most of the time.

A plastic bottle for that wonderful crunch

This DIY dog toy, which particularly satisfies dogs that enjoy some crunch, only takes two components; a plastic bottle, and some fabric. If you’ve got some old socks or towels lying around, that’s great ― thick, soft fabric works best. Find an old plastic bottle and repurpose it by wrapping it up tight in some fabric, and make sure your dog can’t get through it. Plastic gets broken into sharp edges very easily, and the fabric will protect your dog when they decide to go to town on this crunchy, fun new DIY dog toy. It’ll make a great gift for any bored pup ― it’s also a convenient, thrifty, and low-waste option.

Also, if you’ve got A destroyed squeaky toy hidden away somewhere, grab the squeaky part and sew it into a soft DIY tog toy. Just because the toy is dead, doesn’t mean it can’t give another toy new life.

Denim knots and braided t-shirts

A lot of DIY dog toys can be created just by using old clothes and towels. A good example of such a DIY dog toy is the denim knot, which is just what it sounds like. Grab whatever sturdy denim you’ve got at home, and tie it into a tight knot. The more layers, the better, as it will give your dog plenty to work with, and it’ll make it easier for them to carry the toy around.

Another idea is braiding a bunch of old t-shirts together into a tight rope, which offers a sturdy DIY dog toy, as well as lots of tug-of-war potential. Once your dog has managed to tear through this challenge, you can just take what’s left and braid it into something new, or tie it all into a ball to play with. Why buy new stuff or throw things away when you can get thrifty with it?

DIY dog treats, like toys, are easy to make. And why not make a few extra ones to give away to other dog parents you know?

Treats in a toilet roll ― a classic

A classic DIY dog toy is basically a homemade Kong. We’ve all got old toilet rolls at home, ready to be discarded, so why not do something fun with them? Fold up the ends so that the roll is closed, and give it to your dog with some tasty treats hidden inside. This kind of DIY dog toy lets your dog work for it, which offers much-needed mental stimulation, and it’ll definitely keep them busy for a while. Until they chew through the toilet roll, that is ― if so, just grab another one and repeat. You can also cut little holes in the sides of the roll, so that the treats fall out when your dog plays with this DIY dog toy.

Delicious DIY dog treats

If you don’t just want to entertain your dog, but also spoil them a bit, you don’t have to buy a bunch of fancy dog treats, either. In fact, it doesn’t have to get fancy, at all. If you’ve got some basic ingredients at home, you can easily make some DIY dog treats. For example, cube a yam, boil until soft, and mash the cubes into a nice paste. Add a grated carrot, 1/2 of oat flour, some water, and an egg. Work the mix until you’ve got a smooth cookie dough. Maybe put in a little cinnamon, too, if you feel like it. Then shape your dough into whatever shapes you like ― or keep it rustic-looking, by just pressing them out on a baking sheet with a fork. There are plenty of fun cookie cutters you can use, if you want to make it a little more interesting. Bake at 350°F for 30 minutes ― your pup will love these tasty DIY dog treats.

Another simple DIY dog treat recipe is based around something we all know that dogs love; peanut butter. If you’ve got a jar of this delicious paste in your kitchen, just mix 1/2 cup of it with 2 cups of flour and 2 eggs. Add water until it becomes a nice, workable dough, and shape it into cookies on a baking sheet. Bake at around 350°F for 20 minutes, and let the cookies cool before giving one to your dog ― delicious.

Low-effort and low-waste

There are many ways to get thrifty, and dog treats and toys are no exception to this. DIY dog things don’t have to be expensive or colorful, or even that difficult to make. So the next time you’re at the pet store, why not forego those liver treats and bake something of your own? You most likely already have everything you need to make some delicious DIY dog treats for your pup. And why spend money on mass-produced plastic toys, when you’ve got that pile of socks whose partners mysteriously disappeared in the wash?

DIY dog toys are easy to make, just like DIY dog treats let you get a little creative in the kitchen. The truth is, your dog doesn’t care what their toy looks like, or how expensive it is, or whether or not their treats came from the pet store or some artisanal canine café. Not to mention, if you make your own DIY dog gifts, you can put a little love into them as well. So if you’re bored at home one day, or you’re simply on a budge, give these DIY dog ideas a tr. The world of DIY dog treats and toys is vast ― get thrifty!

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