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Puppies found on an island, completely alone

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Reports started circulating recently about seven Newfoundland puppies found on an island in Canada. The puppies were alone, with no dog parent or human owner in sight. What’s more, the small island is completely uninhabited.

The small island is about 500 kilometers north of Winnipeg. Volunteers from the Norway House Animal Rescue are currently taking care of the puppies. They’ve estimated them to be around 4 months old.

No one has a clue how the puppies found on an island island got there, but the most probable theory is that someone left them there. Either way, people have drawn parallels between their story and that from the 1960’s sitcom Gilligan’s Island.

Unsurprisingly, the folks at the rescue named the puppies after characters from the sitcom.

“They will be the Gilligan’s Island crew — four boys, three girls,” Deb Vandekerkhove said in front of CBC News.

“As we meet them, we will attach their names based on their personality — you know, who’s the goof, who’s the boss.”

Vandekerkhove also says that the local boater Junior Cook heard the animals from the nearby waters. Initially, he thought they were just wolves and didn’t see them.

“He actually heard them the night before. He and his friend were out and it was getting dark already, and they heard some noises on the island,” she said.

Source: The Mirror

“They took their binoculars and they couldn’t see anything but some dark shadows, and they heard a bunch of crying. They thought originally it was wolves.”

On the next morning, Cook returned to the island and found the puppies.

He fed them, took them on his boat, and went straight home.

Vandekerkhove also commented on the puppies’ progress: “They’re getting better with people now, which is a good thing because they were terrified of them when they first came.”

Winnipeg’s Pet Rescue is going to put the puppies for adoption.

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