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Dog dead due to car high jacking

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No one wants their car stolen. And every dog owner dreads an eventual premature death of their pet. But it hurts, even more, when said premature death feels completely unnecessary and unjustified. That’s what it feels like with the story of a dog dead due to car high jacking.

An unfortunate side problem of carjacking is that there are often other valuables in the car that their owner would miss. Often time they aren’t even something pricey that the thief would want, just personal things like family heirlooms or, well – a dog.

A woman experienced precisely that with the loss of her pet after a carjacking in Matthews.

The stolen truck was later returned to the woman and the dog was even still in it. However, the pooch started acting sick soon after the carjacking and died not much later. According to authorities, the dog appeared to be unharmed. Charlotte Animal Control is currently trying to determine what the exact cause of death was.

There are multiple possible theories as of now. It could be that the perpetrators kept the dog dehydrated and hungry. It could be that they fed it some undesirable substances. They could have also maltreated the dog without leaving enough visible body marks. Or, they could have easily traumatized the dog emotionally, so that it developed a health issue out of distress.

We’re not trying to speculate for the sake of speculating – the professionals at Charlotte Animal Control are sure to determine the exact cause of death.

However, it is important to note that a lot of things can go wrong if you abduct a living thing, be it a human or a dog.

And while in the best case scenario, people won’t high jack cars at all, one could at least realistically hope that thieves will at least start letting accidentally abducted pets go. Carjacking is bad enough, but to hear about a dog dead due to car high jacking is too much.

The two culprits of the carjacking are currently facing charges. The Police had found Curtis White and Keri Champs inside the vehicle in Salisbury. Both of them are charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, but since the cause of death of the dog is undetermined as of yet, they aren’t being charged with it. For now.

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