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Be The Best Pet Parent

Photo Credit: Andrea Bova
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Being the best pet parent we can be, is our main goal in life as animal lovers. We want to make sure that the lives of our pets are the happiest. They become part of our family and we treat them just like we would children! Rescues dogs especially require a lot of love, attention and dedication. Are you being the best parent you can be to your pets? Here are some tips to make sure you are!

Give Your Pets A Routine

Our first suggestion is all about routine. Routine is so important and you pets actually thrive from this. Structure is important to our pets just as it is to us. Why do they do so well with routine? It is because it provides them comfort. The routine gives them an idea of what to expect from their lives. If things are uncertain in their lives, it can actually cause your pets quite a bit of stress. Routine includes: regular feeding times, greeting routines, play time, exercise, training and even grooming times. 

Photo Credit: Menta Tdgt

You probably never considered that your pet has much sense of time – but they do. You’ve probably noticed that if you over sleep, your cat will come and pat you on your head for food. They’re used to being fed at certain times, just like we are. They also will get to know your daily routine like going to work and coming home. This is consistency for them and makes their daily routine more comfortable. 

Let Your Animal Be Who They Are

We are so used to being told to be ourselves, and the same goes for our furry friends. Imagine if someone told you to change and be someone different. You would find this quite challenging. Now, by this we mean, let your dog be a dog, and let your cat be a cat. This sounds very basic but you need to have a think if you are actually implementing this in your home. Did you know that your pet has a release of serotonin when they are enjoying what comes naturally to them? This is wonderful for your pet’s well-being and that is our priority as a pet parent. 

Cats are natural hunters – so you need to make sure they are being stimulated in this way. How can you do this? It is especially tricky if you have an indoor cat who can’t actually go out and hunt mice and birds. One way is to place their dry food around your home so that they have to go and “hunt” their food. This may seem like you are tormenting them, but its actual wonderful mental stimulation for them. You can also purchase toys that have strings on and pull it along for your cat to pounce at. 

For dogs, you need to allow them to be dogs. Sniffing is very important to them as this is actually their main way of experiencing the world around them. So, think about this when you take them out on their next walk. Instead of pulling them along when they’ve stopped to smell something, take a moment and let them do their thing! This is most of the benefit and enjoyment of their walk apart from the exercise. The needs of the pet will also differ from breed to breed so make sure you do your research. 

Food Is The Best Fuel

Food is so important to us as humans, so it is just as important to our pets. We know that pet food gets expensive but it is worth it. It is important to get food that is beneficial for your pet. This includes specific needs and life stage. For example, don’t feed a kitten something that is designed for a senior cat. Each type of food contains different nutrients that your pet needs. There is also food for different types of breeds and even for conditions like hairballs! We are always tempted to feed them human food, but it’s not always what is best for them. Budget for the best food you can afford for your pet. Their health will thank you for it!

Put Your Pet First

Pets must become our first priority as they are part of our family. You need to make sure you consider the needs of your pet when making choices in life. This includes when you make plans to be out and about. Ensuring that they are happy will also ease your stress when you are not with them. As a pet owner, you need to make sure your pet is safe, calm and comfortable. What do you do if you’re going away? There are many options and you can find out more here

Photo Credit: Andrea Bova

Our suggestions are that if you are going away, you need to think of your pet first and foremost. This means finding someone to look after them. This could be at your home, a kennel or taking them to someone else’s home. Make sure they are settled in before you head off on your vacation. You’re about to have a lot of fun but your pet needs to be happy too. Another important thing if you’re going away is to make sure you pet is identifiable. This is important in the instance that they get lost. Make sure they are micro-chipped or wear a collar with all important contact information. Pet owners also need to ensure their pets are not going into uncomfortable situations.

Apart from when you go away, you still need to put your pet first. This means making sure that they have their basic needs met. Keep their water refreshed all the time, there are even drinking fountains that you can buy to help with this. Ensure that your pet has shelter when you aren’t there. Another way of being responsible for your pet is having them sterilized. There is an overpopulation of pets and we need to help end this cycle through methods like sterilization and adoption.

Learn Alongside Your Pet

We learn from experiences that happen every day to us. This pertains to our pets too. Every day you have the opportunity to communicate with your pet and help them in life. This includes shaping them and their behavior. Taking 10 to 20 minutes a day with your pet to focus on “training” is so important. This form of conditioning will make your pets life so much better and ease your stress. The time you put into your pet will also help build a wonderful relationship with them. You need to decide on the behaviors that you will allow and the ones that you won’t. Make sure that you are being consistent with this and implement it daily. Help set your pet up for success and show them the best way to live their lives.

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