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A Dog Cafe opens in Liverpool, UK

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Pups and Cups Bistro is going to be the first official dog-friendly and dog-dedicated cafe in the city of Liverpool. Located in the Old Swan district, this establishment is aimed solely at dog lovers and their four-legged friends. But the fact that a dog cafe opens in Liverpool doesn’t tell us enough – what will this place include, what can the Scousers, other Brits, and tourists expect from this curious new place?

The Pups and Cups Bistro will come with an astro turf gated garden.

It will also have a special place for dogs to play with each other.

The bistro is created by Andrew Cain and James Steele, both from Huyton, UK. They came up with the ingenious idea as they are dog owners themselves. Apparently, they were wondering about a place for a “pup date”.

Andrew said in front of the Liverpool ECHO: “We wanted somewhere we could take the dogs and where we could buy them a doggy treat… so that is how Pups and Cups was thought of and since then it has just snowballed.

“Our brand is simple we want a place for people to take the fur babies and enjoy some nice food, coffee and cake.”

Both him and James are French Bulldogs owners.

Andrew also said: “The fenced off area is for the dogs – to bring the dog community together whatever the weather to socialize with other dogs under the responsibility of dog owners.”

The bistro’s human menu includes poached eggs and avocado, salmon, baguettes, roast dinner, cajun chicken, and more.

The dogs’ menu is also eye-catching. It has pupcakes, bones, doggie meal, and other delicious treats.

As the dog cafe opens in Liverpool, Andrew also says that it will be be a skills restaurant. This means that there they can train people in the hospitality industry regarding pets.

Source: Liverpool ECHO

“ I am also the director of a hospitality and training company, Charlton Recruitment and training, we deliver hospitality courses in partnership with MD Production and place people into work across the North West.

“Linking this to Pups and Cups we will be giving barista training and work experience at the bistro to develop the candidates closer to the labour market, we are also taking to lone parents who haven’t worked for a long time into work.”

“People can earn as they learn.”

If you’re curious for more info on this interesting new café in Liverpool, visit Pups and Cups Facebook.

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