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How to Tell When Your Dog is Stressed

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If you thought dogs are not affected by stress like us, you need to think again. Their lives seem to be so simple because they only need to eat and play. However, there are times when your dog needs more than just eating and playing. A stressed dog is likely to behave in unusual manner. Below are some tips that can alert you when your canine is depressed.

Diarrhoea and Other Digestive Disorders

Most dog owners assume that diarrhoea and constipation happens when the canine has indulged in contaminated food. This is not always the case. At times diarrhoea can occur due to sudden change in diet. If you have to change your dog’s diet, it’s recommended that you introduce new foods gradually to allow the digestive system to adapt to different kinds of meals. Moreover, constipation can also be brought about by nervousness. If the condition persists for more than 24 hours, you should take the dog to a vet clinic.

Loss of Appetite

If the dog doesn’t eat the food that has been served in its bowl, something could be wrong. This is because it’s not normal for a dog to skip meals. As a matter of fact, there is a cause for alarm if you have not altered the dog’s diet. If the dog refuses to eat, it could be suffering from a certain kind of disease. In such a case, you should call your vet before the condition gets out of hand. A dog that doesn’t eat can get very weak due to lack of energy.


If you have more than one dog, you might notice that one of them prefers to be alone while the rest are playing around. Such a canine could be suffering from a disease. The problem is that the illness may not show any signs on the outside. It’s therefore advisable to have such a dog examined by a vet to rule out the presence of an illness. A stressed dog likes to spend most of its time sleeping. This prolonged sleeping disorder is often caused by injuries and diseases. At the end of it all, the dog can’t move around as usual.

Hostility Towards People and Animals

A dog might resolve to use aggressiveness against people and animals just to express itself. If your dog was previously social but has become anti-social, he could be stressed up. This stress eventually turns into wrath that is later directed towards unsuspecting victims that include people and animals. You can tame such a dog by gagging it with a muzzle.

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