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While many people view dogfighting as inhumane, barbaric and despicable, there are those who support this horrendous act. Moreover, dogfighting is a million-dollar business with some bets going as high as $30,000. And the dog breed involved in these underground dog fights? You guessed it, pit bulls that have been turned into aggressive pit bulls.

Let’s find out the effects of dog fights on pit bulls and why the breed often takes the blame for unprovoked attacks on people and other dogs.

Owners are to blame for the aggression

Many pit bull lovers want a good companion dog. Furthermore, they do not want aggressive pit bulls that attack everything in its path. Take a look at how to stop dog aggression. However, some pit bull owners want a dog that is suspicious of its surroundings and unfamiliar people.

Some people keep pit bulls for self-protection. Since carry guns can get someone arrested, they keep dogs instead. Furthermore, these individuals want the dogs to be aggressive and tough to be able to offer protection. Such owners will teach their dogs to attack people and other dogs.

Also, some of these people are breeding pit bulls to be fighting dogs. Moreover, some of the dogs are inbred resulting in animals that have extremely aggressive tendencies.

The moral of the story is that irresponsible dog owners teach bad behavior just like you can teach a golden retriever to attack a human. For instance, take a look at this case of an aggressive golden retriever here.

Breeding fighting pit bulls

People who participate in dog fights use selective breeding. By choosing parents who have fought and “won” several matches, the breeder is hoping that they will pass on these qualities to their puppies.

Underground kennel clubs will provide breeder dogs with “ideal pedigrees”. Moreover, these dogs sell at extremely high prices. However, it is NO GUARANTEE that the resulting puppies will make “ideal” fighting dogs.

Simply put, just because a dog is a pit bull with parents that have won previous fights doesn’t mean that it is innately aggressive and wants to fight. That is to say, that some dogs are simply more aggressive than others are.

How breeders teach pit bulls to fight

At around 17 months the dogs are old enough to fight but lack the experience. Consequently, breeders now have to turn them into aggressive pit bulls. Firstly, they begin by bringing a dog around other pit bulls to see if they will react aggressively.

Breeders will then force dogs that show aggressive tendencies to fight. However, these matches last around 15 minutes as the breeders do not want to discourage the dog from future fights. In short, its function is to see which dog is more aggressive and more willing to fight.

Breeders kill docile dogs

But here is where things become truly gruesome. Breeders will kill and dispose of animals that are unwilling to fight. The trainer has no use for them. Secondly, another reason why dog breeders destroy the dog is even if the dog doesn’t want to fight, it is now dog aggressive. If it was to land in the hands of an average dog owner, there is a high possibility of the dog attacking other dogs or people in the streets. Sounds familiar?

How trainers destroy docile dogs

A method of killing dogs that lose fights is plugging. It involves plugging a pair of extension cords into a socket and clipping the other end on the dog’s mouth and back. Turning on the switch kills the dog instantly.


Aggressive pit bulls that exhibit fighting tendencies are introduced to dogfighting. Sometimes a fight can last 15 minutes other times a fight lasts over 2 hours. Consequently, the dog that wins makes a lot of money for its owner. However, the dog that loses is often killed and disposed of.

There are stories of some people feeding gun powder to pit bulls to make them hyped up and ready for a fight. Moreover, sometimes trainers and breeders will inject a dog with steroids before a fight to keep them fighting for longer.

It is a gruesome spectacle. Dogs come out of the fights the worst for wear. Some have broken jaws, broken limbs, and deep cuts. Consequently, others go into shock during the fights and die.

Owners of injured dogs do not take the animals to the vets fearing they will inform animal control authorities. Therefore, they will use staple guns to close deep wounds and find prescription medicine from underground sources.

Breeders claim to be pitbull lovers

Ask any underground breeder if they think that dogfighting is barbaric and brutal and they will tell you no! Furthermore, they will also call themselves lovers of pit bulls. Yeah right! You love pit bulls and you train them to fight and kill other pit bulls? And if they lose a match, you kill them?

Let’s be honest here, the only reason such individuals claim to love pit bulls is because the breed makes them a lot of money through dog fights. They do not care about the welfare of the dog.

What about the survivors

Dogs that are not killed are left abandoned in the streets. Some well-wishers may rescue such aggressive pit bulls and adopt them. However, at this point, the breeders and trainers have already messed up the dog’s mind. It views everyone as a threat and is dog aggressive. Thus, the many negative stories we hear about pit bulls attacking unprovoked.

Because of this, many people propose banning the breed altogether. However, anyone who understands pit bulls will tell you they are NOT inherently aggressive.

But what about selectively breeding pit bulls for dog fights? Granted some dogs are more likely to show aggressive behavior than others are. But, take the same dog, socialize it and teach good manners and what you have is a great and friendly family dog.

Final word

People who take part in dog fighting are usually blue-collared individuals looking to make a lot of money through dogfighting.

While the authorities continue to arrest hundreds of people involved in illegal breeding and training of fighting dogs, unfortunately, many still manage to escape the law.

It’s about time people cut pit bulls some slack. The abuse and neglect faced by pit bulls are unlike any experienced by any other dog breed.

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