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How important are pet gates?

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Pet gates are one of those items that a lot of dog and cat owners still view as just a luxury. In fact, for a lot of people, they seem a rather unnecessary luxury. What are the uses that pet gates have, however? What exactly do we mean by a “pet gate”?

Pet gates aren’t the little hatches some people install on their doors to let pets go through. Instead, they are the literal gridded gates that can be placed around your home. They can be put on gateways, in corridors, at the upper ends of staircases, and basically, anywhere the walls and terrain allow for it. The purpose of a pet gate is to close off an area of a room or your home that your dogs and cats are confined to/from, without depriving them of vision and interactions.

The difference between using pet gates and simply enclosing your pet in a room with its normal door is that the latter feels like a punishment for your pet.

Both dogs and cats hate being locked away from the rest of the home and their family. Especially if you do it frequently – when you’re renovating, for example. Your pet can easily get depressed, anxious, withdrawn, and so on. Additionally, you can also place a pet gate in places where there isn’t an actual door.

Simply put, pet gates allow you to confine your dog to a location, without cutting them off from the rest of the family. Here

Source: Pet Mountain

are some situations where you can find use out of a pet gate:

  • Keeping your pet out of certain areas. For example, the kitchen while you cook, the dining room while you’re having guests, or the nursery where a toddler is sleeping. Either way, pet gates can restrain your dog or cat from such areas without causing them to bark and meow excessively.
  • Pet gates are also exceptional escape prevention tools. Sometimes we need to leave windows or doors open. Maybe during the spring cleaning, when we’re moving furniture in and out of our home, when we’re refurbishing, etc. In such cases, a pet gate can be a great tool to prevent your dog or cat from escaping.
  • Such gates are also amazing when you need to introduce two pets to one another. It could be that you’re having a pet guest for a while. Or you have simply adopted/bought a new pet, pet gates can do a lot of work. In those situations, pet gates allow the two pets to get to know each other. They can sniff each other, hear each other, “talk” to each other – all without being able to get into an actual physical confrontation.
  • A skilled dog owner can also use a pet gate to train their dog. You can use them to separate your dog until he completes a certain task, without making him feel punished.

All in all, pet gates are an exceptionally versatile and useful tool.

It’s entirely possible that you don’t need them in your home – we’re not saying that everyone needs a pet gate. However, a pet gate is definitely worth considering.

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