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Pet owner gets mad at people that saved his dog

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In the mid of August, it‘s pretty normal for “dog left in a car” stories to pop up every day. And while people are right to get mad at such dog owners, what’s even more infuriating sometimes is when the dog owner doesn’t realize what they’ve done wrong. A recent example is a video on the Overheard at Guelph Facebook group page that showed how a pet owner gets mad at people that saved his dog.

The video shows the dog owner shout at the couple that had just gotten his dog out of the van. The man stated that the window was cracked and the dog had water inside the car. When the couple pointed out that the dog was sweating, the owner said it was because they had just come from a run. He also says that he got into the Canadian Tire for just a few moments and thatWe just got here!”

And while all these sound like good points, the woman in the video points out that the temperature at the time was 33 C and that’s above the warning limit.

Still, the man shouted “I’ve had enough of this,” and charged toward the man with the camera.  “You’ve messed with the wrong f**king person!”

Just over the weekend, the video generated over 25,000 views on Facebook, with more views rolling in during the work week. Some of those viewers have rightfully commented that Canadian Tire has signs posted that say it is a “pet-friendly” store.

Source: Connor Beebe

This incident coincided with the launch of the No Hot Pets campaign of the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

The campaign aims to encourage more businesses to allow pets inside their buildings during hot days, as well as to urge pet owners not to leave their pets in hot vehicles. 

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