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How Your Dog Helps You Live Longer

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There is no doubt that exercise is important. Nothing good comes from sitting and lazing around all day. One of the easiest ways to exercise and burn off some calories is to take regular walks.

But how much calories can you burn when exercising?

Well, it all comes down to your current weight. Generally, people who weigh 180 pounds will burn around 100 calories by walking a mile. Smaller people who are around 120 pounds will burn about 65 calories after a mile of walking. You can double or triple the number of calories you burn each day by walking two or three miles. That is, generally speaking.

And what better way to enjoy your walks than to take your trusty dog with you. Research now shows that dog owners are more likely to go for walks with their pets which ultimately makes them healthier. Because the dog will need to go out even in unpleasant weather, dog owners are more likely to be exercising when the rest of the people are chilling indoors.

The bottom line is that dog owners are an active bunch.

Why dogs pull on the leash

That said, it is not much fun when walking a dog that is pulling on the leash. Granted, the dog may get excited by all the smells and there is no question that a dog’s sense of smell is legendary. However, dogs pull on leashes simply because they lack proper training and think that the only way they can move forward is to pull on the leash. Not only is it highly uncomfortable to have the dog pulling on your hand and arm and making you go in an uncomfortable and unsteady pace, but it is also uncomfortable for the pooch as well.

Training the dog to walk properly is one way of fixing the issue. The other is using the no-pull harness from 2hounds. This is a revolutionary product that will quickly change the relationship you have with your dog allowing you both to look forward to the next time you head out walking.

The harness is designed to work without force and without pain which enhances the communication with your dog. You can guide the dog gently which you would otherwise not be able to do with the normal collar. Once the dog is doing what they need to do, you can enforce that behavior by rewarding them with a treat.

When using the ordinary collar with a dog that lunges forward and tugs on the leash, you will notice that sometimes, they will gasp for air. That is because the collar will be choking the dog and yet the dog keeps moving forward since they think that this is the only way to keep walking.

All this is eliminated with the no-pull harness. As soon as you put the harness on the dog, you will immediately notice that their lunging decreases significantly.

The no-pull 2hounds harness is made up of five different parts. These are:

  • Martingale loop
  • Velvet straps
  • Sternum straps
  • Side straps
  • Buckles
  • Front O-ring

It’s important to understand your breed’s specific health conditions so as not to push them too much when exercising.

Steps to putting the no pull 2hounds harness

Step 1 will require you to unclip the buckles. This will open up the harness allowing you to place it over your dog’s head.

Step 2 is to take the sternum strap and bring them under the front feet. This will allow you to access the two buckles on either side of the dog. Clip them.

Once you place the harness, you will not have to focus on it anymore. It is therefore important to ensure that the dog is comfortable. You can do this by adjusting the front strap and ensuring that the O-ring is sitting comfortably on the chest.

Also, adjust the sternum strap so it is not too tight on your dog. The best way to do this is to run two fingers under the sternum strap. The harness needs to be snug but not too tight.

Step 3 is the final step. Start by connecting the leash to the front of the harness and then take the other side of the leash and connect to the martingale loop. This method has the best effect on the dog and is the most recommended.

However, you can also connect both ends of the lop to the martingale loop. You will get a much shorter loop.

There is also the option of connecting one side of the leash to the handle and the other side to the martingale loop for a longer leash.

Morhttps://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1303233&u=694897&m=85192&urllink=&afftrack=e benefits of the no-pull 2hounds harness

The harness has a swiss velvet lining that is super soft to prevent soreness and chafing. Even while the dog is not pulling hard, they could still get sore from a tight and rough harness. The no-pull takes things a notch higher by being extra comfortable on the dog.

This is also a versatile harness. The two-point leash system ensures that the dog doesn’t rub on the leash and therefore doesn’t get sore. A harness that doesn’t fit right, whether it is too loose or too tight will be uncomfortable for the dog. The no-pull 2hounds harness has 4 adjusting points which you can use to adjust the tightness of the harness.

Note that while choosing your no pull 2hounds harness, it is a good idea to take measurements of your dog first to help you pick the right size harness. Take a measuring tape and find the largest section of your dog’s chest. Then use the measurements to pick the smallest size harness that fits the dog.

Add in the Fitbark 2

The Fitbark 2 is a small device that was made in association with top veterinary colleges in the US to track the performance, sleep quality, distance traveled and calories burnt as well as the overall health of the pooch.

It is attached to the collar and monitors the dog’s activities 24/7. What is even more interesting about the Fitbark is that you can connect it to your iOS or Android phone to track the performance of both you and your dog side-by-side when going out on those enjoyable and fun walks.

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