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Weekly & Monthly Pit Bull Care Checklist

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We live busy lives and sometimes, we need to make an extra effort to make sure that we take good care of our dogs. One of our previous articles gave you a Daily Pit Bull Care Checklist. In this article, we look at weekly and monthly Pit Bull care.

Make sure that you tick all the boxes in this article on a weekly and monthly basis to ensure that your Pit Bull is well cared for. Furthermore, ensure that you give good long-term care for your Pit Bull by reading this article.

Weekly Care

Make sure that you do these chores every week.

1 Scrub & Clean Feeding Bowls

Once a week, use a brush to scrub and clean water bowls, food bowls or any other containers that your Pit Bull drink or feed from. Run the dishwasher on the inside of these bowls. Feel free to use a bit of bleach on their outsides.

2 Clean Bedding

Fabric bedding that are in your dog house or your home can become dirty due to the water and mud that your Pit Bull might bring in. Especially during the winter. Make sure that they are cleaned well once a week. If you feel that you need to do this more frequently that once a week, do that.

Monthly Pit Bull Care

Make sure that you complete this list once every month. It’s a good idea to keep a specific date for these activities every month. For an example, the first Sunday of a month.

1 Flea & Worm Treatment

Give your Pit Bull flea, worm and heartworm medication. Seek your vet’s advice to decide on the products and make sure that you give your dog the correct dose. This is a very important activity that will make sure that your Pit Bull remains healthy, so never skip it.

2 Cleaning & Clipping Nails

Pit Bulls are very active dogs, so there’s a good chance that their nails will be worn down. However, don’t skip this chore just because of that. Check all the nails and clean them. If they need clipping, do that. Furthermore, it’s important to keep an eye out for damaged nails, infections of nail beds and sores between pads. If you notice such problems, have your vet take a look at them.

3 Check & Clean Ears

It’s important to keep your Pit Bull’s ears clean. They can get infected if not properly cared for. Thoroughly check your Pit Bull’s ears at least once a month for infections. Red and bad smelling ears are signs of infection.

4 Bathe Your Pit Bull

You can bathe your Pit Bull as often as once every two weeks or as rarely as once every six months. The frequency depends on how dirty your Pit Bull gets. So it’s your call.

Use products that are especially formulated for dogs when you bathe your Pit Bull. Also check for wounds and growths during bath time. Learn more about bathing your Pit Bull here.

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