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Dog rescued from wastewater treatment plant

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Every dog owners knows that dogs can sometimes be very difficult to wash. That’s why more scent-sensitive people go for cats. Still, with enough care, dogs’ smell can be easily managed… most of the time. Every once in a while, however, an extreme situation occurs. Like this week’s news of a dog rescued from wastewater treatment plant in Colorado.

Gidget, as the 2-year-old mastiff is named, is said to still smell horribly, even after several baths. The unfortunate dog has been thoroughly washed over and over again in her home in Pueblo West, but it’s not easy to wash the smell of a wastewater treatment plant. Still, the most important thing is that the dog is safe and healthy.

Apparently, Gidget has a fellow dog she lives with – Buddy. Buddy is lauded as a canine Houdini with knack for escaping from home. This time, the four-legged magician took his friend with him and they both went for a stroll. However, while Buddy came home on Monday, quite wet and muddy, Gidget didn’t come back with him.

The dogs’ owner, Mandi Smith, went out to search for Gidget immediately. It wasn’t her that found Gidget, however.

While Mandi was frantically searching for her lost pet, the people at a wastewater treatment plant a few miles from her house heard Gidget barking for help. Tony Campbell found the dog on the edge of an aeration pond. Saving her was quite hard, because nothing floats in wastewater, so a crew from the Pueblo West Fire Division was called in and used a ladder to reach Gidget.

Source: Pueblo West Fire Department

The dog went through a thorough hose-down and was sent to the Pueblo Animal Services.

There, she got two decontamination baths at the shelter before her owners came to get her.

Everybody at the shelter just loved her,” Smith told WSB Radio. “She was a star.”

Gidget herself was more than happy to be back home.

“Out of all the dogs, she’s the baby of the house.”

Both Buddy and Gidget received an abundance of love and soap once the whole ordeal was over.

They have gotten so many baths and they still smell,” Smith said. “The poor bulldog (Smith’s other dog) is keeping her distance.”

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