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A Stolen Dog from a Boston Rescue Has Been Found

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Nick, the pit bull mix, was stolen from the Animal Rescue League of Boston more than a month ago. It was a pretty straight-forward crime too – a potential adopter came and asked to take Nick for a walk. It’s a standard procedure when you want to make sure you want to adopt a certain animal. However, the man went on a walk with Nick and never came back.

Last Wednesday, however, the folks at the Animal Rescue League of Boston were happy to announce that the 3-year-old Nick had been found and returned.

What’s more, he seems to be in good health.

For the last month, the shelter officials had been offering a $1,000 reward for anyone who could give them relevant information about the dog thief that could help bring Nick back.

Mike DeFina, who’s a spokesman for the League, told that Nick’s return was possible thanks to a Dorchester man who called the MSPCA call center. The man said that he had been taking care of Nick for the last several weeks. From there, the MSPCA contacted the Animal Rescue League and a law enforcement team picked up Nick on Tuesday.

Nick is returned to his shelter.
Source: Animal Rescue League of Boston

“He looks good, he’s healthy, he’s happy,” DeFina said about Nick. “Bottom line we’re just really grateful to have him back.”

The staff at the Animal Rescue League said that the man had gotten Nick “from a secondary person”. He was unaware that the dog had been stolen from the shelter when he called DeFina.

“We’re just happy that he was found and that this person did the right thing and made that phone call,” DeFina said.

Of course, Nick still has to go through some vetting procedures to make sure that he’s all right, but he looks healthy and will be put up for adoption again pretty soon. The man who returned him will receive the promised reward since he had no part in the theft and Nick was well taken care of.

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