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The Frenchie of a Steelers player became Insta-famous for his escape mastery

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Our pets seem to have a much easier time becoming online celebrities than us, don’t they? Just look at how the Frenchie of a Steelers player became insta-famous for his escape mastery. Little Boujee is not just incredibly cute – which in the online world is often enough by itself – but he definitely packs quite a character too.

Boujee is the dog JuJu Smith-Schuster, who plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers. And while we are certain that people follow his social media accounts for football updates as well, JuJu has got a ton of followers who likely don‘t care about football at all.

Boujee’s Instagram

Instead, they care about Boujee and his antics!

The adorable Boujee even has his own Instagram account, which further proofs how powerful a cute dog’s online presence can be. In Boujee’s Instagram account you can skip all the uninteresting football stats and just enjoy the cuteness!

These recent several days, however, Boujee became even more famous, as Smith-Schuster finally solved a long-lasting mystery. The foorballer had long been wondering how his solid, stubby-legged pup was constantly managing to escape his corral. A well-placed camera easily solved that case and proved that Boujee may have learned from his master’s athleticism!

Dogs Love Us More