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A neglected dog and a man with dementia find happiness together

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Dementia is an ugly disease, one that can quickly turn your life, and the lives of those around you, into a nightmare. That’s what the father of Mandy had to deal with, but fortunately, they found help in the loveable pooch Louis.

Because of his condition, Mandy’s father usually gets agitated at about 3:30 every day. So, every day, around that time, his daughter gets Louis and puts him in the man’s lap. That one simple act is more than enough for the man to completely calm down and just pet the dog for hours! Needless to say, the little pooch is quite happy with the deal too.

Louis has been a real game changer when it comes to helping the old man struggle with his disease.

The cute pup is quite surprised by his new life too. Louis has been neglected before he came to the rescue – he was desperately needing love and affection. From his behavior, it seemed apparent that Louis had been deprived of human attention and love for a very long time.

Source: The Dodo’s Soulmates

He was brought in by the animal and cruelty division and he needed a lot of physical treatments before he got better himself. Not only that, but due to the neglect he had suffered, he was displaying quite a bit of behavioral issues – he would curl his lip when he disliked somebody and he wouldn’t easily obey commands.

Still, Mandy fostered Louis during his rehabilitation and she was won over by the cute pup. And it wasn’t just her – her dad fell in love with the pooch too.

And just like that, the neglected, little pup and the sick old man started making each other’s lives much better. Each of them seemed happier and happier every single day they were together, and the decision to permanently adopt Louis was a no-brainer for Mandy. Far more than “just a happy story”, the inclusion of Louis to Mandy’s family clearly shows what an incredible asset a pet dog can be for the right family.
You can check out the whole video at The Dodo’s Soulmates.

Dogs Love Us More