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Siberian Husky- A loyal dog with loving nature

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When people hear the name Siberian Husky, they normally think they are aggressive with wild nature. Well, if you look closely and spend some time with them, you will feel that they are super friendly and also great family dogs. Husky dogs can Sometimes be a little stubborn, but with the required training, you can make your husky a great loyal companion.

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Getting a husky- keep these things in your mind

The Siberian husky dogs love to dig, and they always stay active. So, you will need to allow the proper space, where they can dig and carry out their activities. They need around a 30-minute walk regularly to stay fit and healthy. Make sure that we can offer the Siberian husky dog breed a lot of your attention because they need that. If they miss that, they will feel lonely, and that can change their behavior toward you.

Best tips to take care of your husky

Some of the husky characteristics are energetic and athletic. A husky dog is one of the most intelligent dogs and stays loyal to its master. So, to keep them healthy throughout their life, you can consider the following tips:

1. Give them proper exercise

These dogs need a lot of exercise. You can’t always keep them inside your home. They will feel bored if they stay idle. You need to give them around 30-60-minute exercises every day. One of the husky dog traits is that they may be extremely active and are, therefore, good at escaping. If you have a large yard and decide to let him go around, there may be cases that they could find a way out of the yard.

Some people even tend to microchip their dogs as a precaution in the case that they do escape. It is recommended to take up some precautions when thinking of letting the Siberian husky run around freely in the yard. When the weather is cold, they tend to move around a lot more, if possible, some indoor exercises can be performed to satiate their energy.

2. Health and food

When looking for information about huskies, just like any other dog, huskies can inherit some diseases like hip dysplasia and diseases related to the eyes. Although, based on Siberian husky information, they tend to have a longer lifespan in comparison to other dog breeds. But with proper diet and exercise, you can give them a healthy life. If you have an adult husky, you need to feed them twice a day with protein-based food.

3. Proper grooming

You need to brush the coat once a week. Regular brushing will be required in the shedding season. One of the problems people have with dogs is their smell. Some dogs may have quite the odor that people dislike, but one of the best traits of a husky is that they don’t stink. Of course, needless to say, they are not completely odorless and they wouldn’t stink after bathing in mud. They may still need to bathe occasionally and/or when they go outside.

4. Siberian husky temperament

The husky traits can be absolutely adorable, Siberian huskies may be too playful and friendly to even be guard dogs. The husky breeds info shows that they would try anything just to let their energy out and please their curiosity. Such a joyful and energetic dog usually needs another dog to play with. 

Of course, this does not apply to every husky dog owner as there may be cases that make it not applicable, husky owners should be ready for any daily difficulty or trouble caused by these mischievous energetic dogs. The husky’s breed information basically shows that it can be a difficult task, but if you follow the steps properly, you can do it with ease. Offer them your love, and you will get loyalty from them in return.

5. Training

Even with energetic people, it would be hard to catch their attention, same goes with huskies. Huskies also like to outplay their owners, it could be a challenge to make them obey you and stop what they’re doing when you say so. A commonly used trick to train huskies is by giving them treats. As they trace back to an ancestor of wolves, and without an actual pack leader, they may feel superior to their family or other pet, making training a bit more challenging.

Taking care of husky can be a difficult task, but if you follow the steps properly, you can do with ease. Offer them your love, and you will get loyalty from them in return.

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