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Tips for Naming Your Dog

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Naming a dog is an important job. He or she will become a big part of your family over the next decade or so. Therefore, it’s important that you pick a loving name that your puppy or adopted dog will find easy to recognize. Here are some tips for naming your dog with a name that sounds nice and easy to pick!

Stay Away from Command-Like Names

You don’t want your dog to misunderstand commands with his/her name. That’s going to make training your dog very difficult. For an instance, a name like ‘Pip’ can cause confusion when you train your dog to ‘sit’. Another good example is the names ‘Joe’ as it can be confused with ‘No’.

Tips for Naming Your Dog
Your shouldn’t take naming your dog lightly…

Shorter the Better!

Dogs find it easier to respond to shorter names with one or two syllables. Your family and friends will also find the name easy to say. Remember that you will be using the name you pick a lot in your day-to-day life.

Your Dog’s Name Shouldn’t Embarrass You.

It’s okay to have a bit of humor when you are naming your dog. However, make sure that you can call out your dog in public without embarrassing yourself.

Emphasize Hard Sounds

Make life easier for your dog by picking a name that’s easier to recognize. Hard sounding consonants such as b, d, k, t, g with vowels such as a, e, i, y are great for dog names.

Avoid names with softer consonants like f, m, n, s and vowels such as i, e, u together. For an example, a name like ‘Buddy’ is better than the name ‘Faye’.

Don’t Confuse Your Dog

It’s never a good idea to name your dog something that sounds similar to the name of someone in your household. It’s the same when it comes to naming your dog after your unfriendly neighbor! It’s a big mistake that will make your dog’s life difficult.

If you are having trouble getting your dog to listen to you, this article will be helpful.

Be Creative When Naming Your Dog

Use these guidelines to come up with a great name that adds to the personality of your dog. Don’t settle for a boring name! Be creative and take your time when it comes to naming your dog.

Popular Dog Names of 2018

Here are some of this year’s popular dog names. Let’s see how people have done when it comes to naming their dogs.

Girl Dog Names

Abby, Angel, Apple, Bailey, BammBamm, Bluebell, Bonnie, Callie, Cherry, Clover, Coco, Dixie, Ellie, Flower, Frankie, Gigi, Goldie, Harper, Izzy, Josie, Katie, Kiki, Lily, Lucy, Lulu, Maggie, Marley, Molly, Nessie, Pansy, Peaches, Poppy, Pumpkin, Queenie, Rosie, Sadie, Sophie, Stella, Sugar, Violet, Winnie and Zoey.

Boy Dog Names

Archie, Beau, Biscuit, Bolt, Boots, Buddy, Charlie, Cooper, Dash, Finn, Frankie, Frodo, Goose, Gulliver, Gus, Henry, Jack, Leo, Marshmallow, Moose, Oliver, Otto, Oscar, Pepe, Pip, Pluto, Quinn, Riley, Sawyer, Sprout, Toby, Tucker and Winston.

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