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$10k for fake dog testicles – as wasteful as it sounds

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We have no interest in commenting on trash celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. However, the recent stupidity of the one whose name shall not be repeated simply begs a comment.

It was reported that the celebrity had recently wasted $10,000 on fake testicles for her neutered dog. Allegedly, the idea behind the implants was to help the dog feel more masculine and confident. Not that dogs even have these stupid and pointless concepts like we do.

The procedure isn’t something new either – it was invented in the 1990s.

The fake testicles are generally called neuticles and can be done for all kinds of animals, not just dogs. Essentially plastic surgery for animals, this entire industry is one of the few things on the planet that are more pointless than human cosmetic plastic surgery.

In fact, one can say that “wasteful” and “pointless” aren’t even the right words – canine plastic surgery is also needlessly risky.

Simply put, it’s a surgery.

There are only several types of surgeries that are ever necessary for a dog. These are neutering, spraying and medically needed and urgent surgeries.

Not only could those $10,000 have been spent on something that’s actually useful – like saving dozens of dogs from diseases and death. But they were actually used to needlessly endanger the life of an innocent dog.

The only thing that makes us feel relatively well in this whole story is the fact that the dog was at least neutered. We wouldn’t have even been surprised if he wasn’t.

There are countless dogs that can make a better of use of the $10,000.
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So, if this news story that turned into a rant has a point, let it be this:
We are pleading to every dog owner that’s reading this and has an ounce of sense in their head. Please don’t waste your money on a pointless and risky cosmetic surgery for your dog’s testicles. Both you, your dog, and the world’s economy will be better off if you don’t. Just spend or invest the money into anything else.

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