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A company built road over a dog’s body in India

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The city of Agra, India, came into the news recently in a horrible way. The place came into the spotlight after construction workers buried a supposedly alive dog and carpeted the road over it.

According to the dog was dead when the road was constructed. However, other reports quote locals and claim that the dog was alive during the construction. The reports insist that the animal was howling in pain and horror as the workers poured tar over it. Supposedly, the animal was injured or unwell, and couldn’t escape the slow and gruesome death.

These reports also add that the construction workers ignored the poor animal’s cries for help and simply went ahead with their work.

This brutal act was brought to the media attention after residents of the area and passerby saw the half-buried body of the dog. Whether the dog was truly dead during the construction or was still alive, Agra’s Fatehbad road is certainly famous now.

Still, the reports remain inconclusive. The news agency ANI reported that the dog was dead.

“Road construction company RP Infraventure Pvt. Ltd. constructed part of Fatehpur road over a dead dog in Agra. The dog’s body was removed after police complaint was filed, PWD has also sent a notice to the company. ANI said in a tweet.

Source: ANI

On the Wednesday after the incident, a crane was commissioned to dig up the dog’s body from the road. In the meantime, other local reports started sprouting out. They claimed that the workers couldn’t see the dog while they were working, because it was dark in the evening and the visibility was low. If the dog was alive and howling, supposedly they didn’t hear it because of the sounds of the heavy machinery.

Whatever the case, it was undoubtedly a tragic event.

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