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Symptoms of Dog Poisoning – Part II

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If a toxic substance enters your dog’s body, you will observe one or many of the symptoms below. Dog poisoning causes serious complications, so don’t delay going to the vet. If you haven’t read Part I of this article, make sure that you do to find early symptoms. You might also find this list of common toxic substances useful.

Lethargic Behavior

Save your dog by getting medical attention as soon as you notice early symptoms.

Either the general effects of the toxin or it affecting the heart muscle can cause lethargy. You will see that your dog isn’t active as usual. If you observe this symptom for more than 24 hours, contact your vet quickly.


Substances that are toxic to dogs can affect their brain and seizures are a result of it. Your dog may lose consciousness, urinate or defecate involuntarily and excessively drool. Rush your dog to the vet immediately if seizures take place.

Breathing Difficulties

Poisons slow down the heart and that causes fluids to build up in your dog’s lungs. This usually leads to labored breathing. When your dog is having difficulty in breathing, you will also notice loud breaths, the chest moving more than usual, flared nostrils and the head and neck being extended more than usual.

Unconsciousness or Non-Responsiveness

Loss of consciousness is a severe symptom and you will have no time to waste! Make sure that your dog’s heart is beating and rush to a veterinarian.

During a non-responsive state, your dog will be conscious, but will not be able to see or hear anything that’s happening around him/her. This state is known as ‘stupor’ and is a scary one. Do not panic. Comfort your dog and quickly take him/her to a vet.


You never want things to reach this point, because a dog is more likely to die when they show this symptom. The dog will appear to be sleeping, but will not wake up. However, don’t give up on your dog yet. Rush to a vet, because miracles do happen with the right help!


Death is the final and sad outcome of dog poisoning. Avoid such a disaster by observing your dog and getting quick medical attention if you suspect that something that’s toxic to dogs has entered your dog’s body.

Dogs Love Us More