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Long-Term Pit Bull Care Checklist

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The chores related to short-term Pit Bull care of your dog become familiar. They become parts of our daily routines and we hardly miss them. However, when it comes to long-term Pit Bull care, one can easily lose track. You need to be careful to be on top of everything.

Keep a notebook to note down the dates and due dates and go through that note book every month. Below are tasks that you need to carry out once every six months and annually.

Visit our Daily Pit Bull Care Checklist and Weekly & Monthly Pit Bull Care Checklist to stay on top of things when it comes to caring for your Pit Bull.

Once Every Six Months

Note down when you complete these chores and the next due date for each activity.

Clean Your Pit Bull’s Dog House

Remove all the bedding from your Pit Bull’s dog house. Spray it with a hose. After it’s dry, spray it with a bug killer that’s not harmful for your Pit Bull. If you’re using fabric bedding, wash and dry them too. Replace any straw, grass hay or wood chips used as bedding.

2 Check Kennels, Gates & Fences

Make sure that the perimeter of your property is secure by checking gates and fences as well as the kennels. Don’t leave any objects lying against fences, gates or other barriers as your Pit Bull will use such objects to climb over.

Find out more about housing Pit Bulls here. Use this article to make sure that your kennel is suitable and safe for your Pit Bull.

3 Inspect & Clean Your Pit Bull’s Collar

Inspect and clean your Pit Bull’s collar. Get a replacement if you feel that it’s worn out. It’s a good idea to go for a collar with the name tag bolted on to it. Hanging name tags often fall off or get worn out and unreadable quickly. Find out more about different collars for Pit Bulls in this article.

Annual Pit Bull Care

These tasks should be completed once a year. They will make sure that legal matters, safety information and your Pit Bull’s health is checked and up-to-date.

1 Local Community Rules

Stay up-to-date with your local community laws. You will need to consider moving if you live in a community with BSL. If there’s a chance of your community adopting BSL, calling your Pit Bull a mix breed is also a good option.

2 Check Microchip Information

Make sure that the information on your Pit Bull’s microchip are updated and correct. Many change addresses or phone numbers and forget to update the microchip. These mistakes can be costly if your Pit Bull gets lost.

3 Well-Pet Check

Health concerns depend on the area you and your Pit Bull live in. Run tests for tapeworms and heartworms. If your Pit Bull is old, running blood tests is a must. Also make sure that you give your Pit Bull all the vaccinations. Use this article to learn about common Pit Bull health problems.

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