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Things to Do if Your Dog is in Pain

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Seeing your dog in pain is a difficult experience for any dog parent. In most cases, you will have no idea about what’s causing the pain. You might feel helpless in such a situation. The reason that your dog is in pain might be because of something he/she ingested or it may be a wound that you haven’t seen yet.

Onset of Arthritis can cause pain in older dogs. It can also be a sign of an underlying health problem. Whatever the root cause may be, it’s a good idea to counter it as soon as possible. Here is a few things to do if you feel that your dog is in pain.

Visit Your Vet

Do not administer drugs no matter how badly you want to put an end to your dog’s pain. Dogs may have allergies against certain drugs. You might end up doing more harm than good. The best action you can take is to take your dog to a vet and have the vet perform a full check-up. The vet will do what’s necessary to find the source of the pain and prescribe medication.

Give Your Dog Aspirin

Seek veterinary attention if you feel that your dog is in pain…

You can buy Aspirin over-the-counter and it’s the only OTC drug that you can give a dog without consulting a vet. Aspirin will help with swelling, fevers and inflammation. Do NOT administer a full adult dosage on puppies. You must first weigh your dog in order to determine the dosage correctly. It’s recommended that you give one baby Aspirin for a 35-pound dog.

It’s important to keep in mind that Aspirin is a temporary solution. If you feel that your dog’s pain continues, you must take your dog to a vet without wasting any more time.

Hot or Cold Compress

Administering ice or heat to the problem area is a great way to sooth discomforts and make your dog relax. Just like with humans, place a bag of ice in the swollen area to reduce the swelling and pain. Similarly, you can use heat patches for muscle related injuries and pain.

Useful Resources

Read about common Pit Bull health problems here. Providing proper care for your dog can help keep him/her healthy. Here’s a daily checklist to make sure that your dog is properly cared for. Your dog’s pain might have something to do with his/her diet. This article will help you provide a healthy diet for your dog.

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