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Cleaning Pet-Stained Carpets Using Common Household Items

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Most pet owners often step in to fresh and wet ‘accidents’ thanks to their beloved pets! These incidents are more frequent if your dog is a puppy. Do not worry if you happen to find yourself out of cleaning liquid. There are many common household items that are very good at cleaning pet-stained carpets as well as other surfaces. In this article, we take look at a few such substances.

Club Soda

You can use club soda on carpets that have been soiled not long ago. First pour the club soda over the stain and wait until it stops bubbling. Dry using an absorbent material. Repeat these steps until the stain is completely gone.


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Another common household item that can be used to clean pet-stained carpets is Bleach! It’s especially useful to get rid of old stains. Mix ten parts of water with one part of Bleach and spray it on to the stain. Wait for 20 seconds and rinse with warm water. Make sure that it’s safe to apply Bleach on the material that you’re trying to clean. Bleach can damage certain fabrics. It’s also important to keep Bleach away from the reach of your pets.

White Vinegar

This liquid is a lifesaver as it can get rid of both old and new stains as well as remove odors! White Vinegar makes cleaning pet-stained carpets very easy. Create a mixture of equal quantities of water and White Vinegar.

First blot the stained area. Then pour the mixture over the stain. Blot again and let the carpet dry. Finish the job by running the vacuum over the wet area.

Baking Soda

Another common household substance that you can use to clean pet-stained carpets is Baking Soda. It’s especially effective on dry stains. Pour baking soda over the stain and wait for a few hours. Finally vacuum the wet area. Keep baking soda away from your pets. It can cause stomach problems if ingested.

Practice Caution

Some of these substances can be harmful for your dog. Make sure that your pet is away when you are cleaning. Always keep harmful substances away from the reach of your children and pets.

Useful Resources

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