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Characteristics of the chubby breed Chow Chow

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Coming straight from China is the Chow Chow breed which looks similar to a bear. Traditionally they served as hunters with prey ranging from wolves to pheasants. They were also assigned to pull cargo carts. Till today, the Chow Chow makes for a great guard dog that tends to get attached to the family members easily. It has been known to be aggressive who is protective of his family as well as property. If you are looking to bring home a Chow Chow, make sure you understand its characteristics first.

Activity Requirement:

Chows tend to grow to a large height but require moderate exercise to maintain good health. The most active time for them is the winter months as the thick fur makes them irritated in the summer seasons. They will be happy to make a long run in the yard or chase the farm animals. They can be equally aggressive towards other animals if left without a leash on.


Training any Chow Chow requires a lot of experience as they tend to be dominant breeds. They are proven leaders that will not work as per your demand when forced. Use positive reinforcement with lots of treats to help your dog learn the right tricks and mannerism. Do not let these fur balls let you manipulate the situation with the cute looks.


Chow Chow tends to be very aggressive especially towards the dogs of the same sex. This breed tends to be an impatient one who does not like it when one treats them harshly or teases them. Chows should be the single dog in the family or should be raised with dogs of opposite sex to avoid any commotion. Chow Chows should be taught to socialize from the very young age to ensure that they are friendly as they age.


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