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Daily Pit Bull Care Checklist

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Caring for any dog is no easy task. A Pit Bull requires some special care when it comes to training and socializing them. Not to forget the daily exercise that they crave. Dogs thrive when they are under a steady routine and as humans, it’s also a good idea to stick to a routine when it comes to Pit Bull care.

Below is a checklist to make daily care for your Pit Bull easier. Sticking to it will help you make sure that you don’t forget anything that’s required for your Pit Bull’s well-being.

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Daily Pit Bull CareCleaning Water Bowls/Containers

This is something that most dog owners don’t do. Simply tipping off the water bucked and refilling it doesn’t cover it. Most dogs have the habit of urinating into their water bowl. So it’s a must that you clean your Pit Bull’s water bowl or any other containers that you use for feeding.

In warmer climates, it may be a good idea to tip off and refill water bowls a few times a day. It’s crucial to have clean water available for your Pit Bull at all times.


The number of times that a Pit Bull is fed might be different according to the dog’s age, activity level and other conditions. Stick to a routine when it comes to feeding as your Pit Bull’s body functions well under a routine.

Puppies below 12 months must have three meals spread throughout the day. Adult dogs over one year can have one or two meals. Always make sure that you feed your Pit Bull on time and there’s enough food stocked for a week in advance. Read this article to find out more about feeding your Pit Bull.


Make sure that you give your Pit Bull any medication that he or she is under.


Your Pit Bull’s coat needs daily grooming. This might sound like a lot considering the fact that Pit Bulls are regarded as low maintenance dogs. However, daily grooming is limited to brushing and you don’t need to spend a lot of time on this. Read our article on maintaining your Pit Bull’s shiny coat here.


On average, a Pit Bull needs at least 20 minutes of exercise. Ensure that you provide enough physical activity for your Pit Bull so that they are healthy.

Pit Bull Care Includes Giving Love!

We live very busy lives and sometimes we forget to tell our dogs how much we love them. It’s important to spend some time doing something that they like together. It may be playing with their favorite toy or cuddling on the couch. Allocate some time every day to be with your Pit Bull.

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