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Interesting Facts about Your Dog’s Teeth

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There so fascinating facts about your dog’s teeth. Furthermore, there’s a lot more to proper dental care of your dog than regular brushing of your dog’s teeth. Dogs have two sets of teeth in their lifetimes.

Firstly, they have 28 puppy teeth which are incredibly sharp. They help young puppies explore through mouthing. Adult teeth then force out the puppy teeth. They are capable of causing serious damage. Adult dog teeth are permanent if they are properly taken care of.

Your Dog’s Teeth are Alive!

Make sure that you provide proper care for your dog’s teeth.

Just like in humans, dog’s teeth are living tissue. Hence damage or decay of your dog’s teeth can lead to serious pain. Therefore, it’s very important to maintain healthy teeth through regular brushing and the use of water additives, edible dental chews and oral sprays.

Adult Dogs Have 42 Teeth

42 adult teeth push out the 28 puppy teeth. There are 20 teeth on your dog’s upper jaw and 22 on the bottom jaw. Most puppies finish teething after six months. Provide your dog puppy chews to help the pain of teething and assist adult teeth to develop.

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Strong Bite Force

Humans have an average bite force of 120-220 pounds per square inch. While, dogs have an impressive bite force of 250-325 PSI. However, a domesticated dog’s bite force is much lesser than we may think.

Each Tooth Has a Purpose

There are different types of teeth in your dog’s mouth and they have different roles. Incisors are used to scrape flesh off bones and pick up objects. A dog has 12 Incisor teeth. Canines are used to grip on to objects. These teeth are the ones that penetrate when a dog bites. A dog has four Canine teeth. In contrast, Premolars are there to help your dog with heavy chewing. Dogs usually have 16 Premolar teeth. Molars are used to grind meat and plant material to avoid a dog from choking. Your dog has 10 Molar teeth.

Dogs Need Help with Dental Care

You must help your dog to maintain healthy teeth. Train your dog during puppy-hood for regular brushing. Your dog’s teeth will need regular dental exams too. They make sure broken teeth, cavities and gum disease don’t go unattended. Your dog’s dental health is a huge part of his/her overall health. Talk to your vet about a dental schedule for your dog and follow it carefully.

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