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Housing Your Pit Bull

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The way that you house your Pit Bull has a huge say in the kind of relationship you will have with your Pit Bull. Therefore, it’s very important that the method you use for housing your Pit Bull is the best one possible. Pit Bulls are affectionate creatures and they love spending time with their family. Therefore, it’s important to allow them to be around you as much as possible.

Keep Your Pit Bull Close to You

Like most dogs, Pit Bulls are highly social animals. Keeping them away from human contact will induce negative behaviors. It’s important to ask yourself whether you can commit to caring for a Pit Bull or any dog for that matter before you buy or adopt one.

The best way to house your Pit Bull is, in your house. That’s where they belong! They will love being with their family that will keep them occupied and happy.

A Secure Yard

Secure your yard so that your Pit Bull can spend time outdoors during the day…

Pit Bulls are very energetic and active dogs. They love spending time outdoors during the day. Furthermore you’re also likely to be away during the day for work. The best way to house your Pit Bull during the day is to let him/her roam around freely in a secure yard.

Make sure that your yard is well-fenced and that there is no way that your Pit Bull can escape. The fencing needs to be dog proof. Many people think that their yard is secure enough, but end up losing their Pit Bulls. In worse cases, Pit Bulls escape and attack humans and other animals. Therefore if you are considering letting your Pit Bull roam around free in your yard, make sure that it is absolutely secure.

It’s a good idea to get a second or even a third opinion by someone who has experience with the breed about your yard. It’s also a must to have warning signs where outsiders can willingly or unwillingly can come in direct contact with your Pit Bull. It does not matter if your Pit Bull is friendly or not. When you are away, they might switch to a defensive mood and become aggressive towards strangers.

It’s needless to say that leaving your Pit Bull in the yard 24 hours a day is not a suitable way to housing a Pit Bull.

Using a Kennel for Housing Your Pit Bull

If you don’t have a secure yard, housing your Pit Bull outside in a spacious kennel is a good idea. Once again, the kennel must be secure with no chance of escaping. Your Pit Bull should have access to clean water and food if you are away for long periods of time.

Find out more about Buying a Good Kennel for Your Pit Bull here.


Tethering a Pit Bull with enough space to comfortably move around is also a good option where a secure yard is not available. Our article on Safely Tethering Pit Bulls provides more information on correctly tethering Pit Bulls.

Crating Pit Bulls

Crates do not provide enough space for most dogs including Pit Bulls. Avoid using a crate as long-term housing for your Pit Bull. Read this article about crating to learn more about it.

Make sure that you choose the best housing option for your Pit Bull keeping in mind that closer you have your Pit Bull to you and your family, more loving and caring they will be. Your lifestyle may not allow you to keep your Pit Bull by your side the whole day. In such situations, use the best housing option available to securely keep your Pit Bull while your away or busy.

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