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Woman surrenders to authorities after being caught dumping dogs on video

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The Animal Care Services of San Antonio has released information on a dog-dumping case that recently became viral. A woman was caught on camera last Friday in the act of dumping four dogs. The still unnamed suspect has surrendered herself to the authorities.

Lisa Norwood – ACS spokeswoman – stated that the suspect turned herself in just as the authorities were setting a trap for one of the four dumped dogs. This was the last dog that they haven’t found, as the other three dogs were recovered rather quickly thanks to the alert from the good Samaritan that caught the whole act on video.

The video was posted on Facebook and became viral immediately. In it, a woman is dumping four dogs out of a car, while the camerawoman is warning her that this is not only immoral but also illegal. The woman recording the video can be heard throughout it, telling the dog-dumping woman that she can drop the dogs off at ACS for free instead of dumping them on the street. The other woman even asks for directions to the ACS but keeps coaxing the dogs out of the car as she’s doing that.

The misdemeanant appeared to be a passenger in the car, so she was not alone in this act. Lisa Norwood specifies, however, that she is the only suspect in the case. The driver and owner of the vehicle is not a suspect as they weren’t the one owning the dogs or dumping them.

ACS officials applauded the good Samaritan that recorded the incident and reported it to the authorities.

“We would not have been able to respond as quickly as we did if the good Samaritan had not contacted 311 first,” a post on ACS’ Facebook page said. “Always contact 311 and provide them with as much information as possible when you see any form of animal ordinance violation.”

Copyright 2018 by KSAT – All rights reserved.

Officers were initially able to find only three of the four dumped dogs. Fortunately, just as they were preparing to trap and retrieve the fourth dog, the woman that dumped them in the first place returned together with the last pooch.

Norwood has stated that the woman will face separate charges for each dumped dog. Abandoning animals is in violation with both state and local laws and is classified as a class A misdemeanor.

Fortunately, two of the four dogs were adopted quite quickly and the other two will hopefully be adopted soon as well. IF you are interested in offering a foster home for even just one of the unlucky pooches, you can contact ACS at [email protected]. Those that want to adopt a dog can call 210-207-6666 or email [email protected].

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