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Dogs and cats are blow-torched alive in Indonesia

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After recent events, more people are becoming aware of the millions of brutally killed pets there. An investigation of Dog Meat-Free Indonesia has further shed light on abhorrent practices with which the animals are treated. A film by the organization has shown pets with mouths taped shut so tightly that they can‘t breathe. It also shows alive dogs being blow-torched to death or beaten with bats while still alive “to make the meat softer”.

The statistics say that more than a million pets are killed each year. However, a lot of people and organizations believing the figure to be much higher.

Celebrities and influencers are raising their voice in the support of organizations fighting for animal rights. These are organizations such as Dog Meat-Free Indonesia, the Humanе Society International, and others.

Source: Dog Meat-Free Indonesia

People such as Dame Judy Dench, Cameron Diaz, Piers Brosnan, Ellen DeGeneres, and Simon Cowell, have signed a letter to Indonesia‘s president Joko Widodo, insisting that he finally enforces animal-protection laws. The list also includes Kate Beckinsale, Elizabeth Hurley, Ricky Gervais, Moby, Leona Lewis, Courteney Cox, Alfie Boe, Lucy Lawless, Brian May, Tyrese Gibson, and many others.

“These animals, many of them stolen pets, are subjected to crude and brutal methods of capture, transport and slaughter. And the immense suffering and fear they must endure is heartbreaking and absolutely shocking,” they wrote. “The footage is deplorable, and clearly documents the routine use of brutal handling and killing. We are sure you will agree that the level of brutality towards these dogs and cats is shocking and demands your urgent attention.”

They added: “Despite only a minority of Indonesians ever consuming dog meat, the trade in dogs for consumption threatens the health of the entire nation. The dog meat trade is the only trade known to encourage the large-scale, illegal movement of dogs of unknown disease and vaccination statusThe World Health Organisation has explicitly highlighted the trade in dogs for human consumption as a contributing factor to the spread of rabies in Indonesia.”

Indonesia has pledged to eliminate rabies by 2020.

The celebrities’ letter also makes the point that the horrific treatment of pets in Indonesia also hurts the country’s tourism.

It is believed that as much as 9 out of 10 tortured animals on the streets are stolen household pets.

“This year, 2018, marks the Year of the Dog. And we stand united in our call on the central and provincial governments of Indonesia to take action against the dog meat trade. They must show the world that animal cruelty will not be tolerated, and to safeguard both animal and human health and safety,” said Lola Webber, of the Change For Animals Foundation, which is also in the DMFI group.

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