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Pretty Ms. Patty is looking for a home

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For a lot of people, the perfect pet is something quite different than just another puppy from the shop or from a breeder. There’s something special about adult rescue dogs that can’t be replicated by a run-of-the-mill puppy, regardless of how cute he or she is (and they are cute!). Enter, Pretty little Patty. The adorable Pretty Ms. Patty is looking for a home and she’s ready to be someone’s perfect new pet.

This 10-year-old rat terrier mix is available for the “Better With Age” adoption fee of $60 from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. She received a grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization and she’s a special little dog.

Ms. Patty is an amazing people-pleaser.

Despite not being a lap breed, this lovable terrier thrives around her people. She loves to hang out with you, both indoors and outdoors, and she hates being alone, especially for too long. She a sweet and friendly girl and she does great with guests and strangers too.

As an experienced ol’ gal, Pretty Ms. Patty has learned that loud noises such as fireworks and thunder are not to be trusted – instead, they are to be avoided at all costs by snuggling with her favorite humans. She’s also not the biggest fan of cats and ideally prefers to hoard her humans’ attention all for herself. This makes her ideal for people with no other four-legged pets, regardless of whether they are first-time dog owners or if they are just looking for a new dog for their dog-less home.

As far as her character goes, Patty is the perfect mix of play & chill. She is very energetic, especially for her age, but once she gets her share of play, running and excitement, she’s happy to lie down and relax by your side. She won’t drive you nuts, but she’ll defiantly hold your attention when you’re looking for some playtime.

Patty has some physical uniqueness to her as well. She has a heart murmur and requires medication and frequent vet visits. She also has an abnormally dilute urine, so extra bathroom breaks (i.e. walks outside or indoor crate) are needed.

Simply put, Pretty Ms. Patty is looking for a home that offers extra care and love, but she pays those back in spades! If you’re ready to adopt this special girl from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa she’s ready to make your life much, much happier!

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