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Our Take on Crating Pit Bulls

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Have you ever been told that crating Pit Bulls is a good housing option? If so, your source is highly misinformed. Some people argue that dogs are ‘den animals’ which is not true. Have you ever seen a dog live underground? Dogs are highly active animals and they don’t spend their time underground as den animals. The only time that a dog is likely use a den will be when they are giving birth. Even that is only for a short period of time.

Open Vs Closed Crate

Avoid housing Pit Bulls in closed crates unless for transportation or quarantining.

There may be Pit Bulls who like sleeping in an open crate. An open crate is a safe place for your Pit Bull to relax and it makes an ideal dog bed. However, a closed crate is never a good housing option for your Pit Bull. If you are already using a crate for housing your Pit Bull, you need to stop.

Crates have been created only for transportation purposes of animals. Therefore, crating Pit Bulls must be limited. Any other time, your Pit Bull should be in your house with you and your family, out in a secure yard roaming freely, in a spacious kennel or properly tethered outside.

Negative Health Effects of Crating Pit Bulls

Crating Pit Bulls doesn’t provide the physical or mental stimulation that they highly require. The practice is more likely to make your Pit Bull suffer and become unnecessarily aggressive. In terms of health, crates are highly problematic. Due to the limited space of a shipping crate, it can become dirty with urine and feces. Lying in such a crate can cause many health and mental problems that can lead to various complications.

Quarantining Pit Bulls

Sometimes crating can be looked as an option for housing Pit Bulls and other dogs for quarantine reasons. Even in such a situation where crating is justifiable to the eyes of some, the Pit Bull being crated must be provided with an interesting environment to keep him or her mentally stimulated. There should also be extra human interaction in a situation where a Pit Bull is crated for special reasons.

In conclusion, crating is not a primary housing option for your Pit Bull. You are required to provide extra care if you resort to crating under extreme circumstances. Read this article to find the best way to house your Pit Bull.

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