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Seafood for dogs: The good and the bad

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Most vets advise pet owners to introduce sea food in the daily diet of their pets but some can be harmful to the health of your pet and it is essential to know the right way and amount to make that perfect seafood diet for your pooch. If you aren’t sure about the kind of seafood that is beneficial for your dog, make sure you check out our well curate list below to decide what is good and what isn’t.

Seafood good for your dog

1-Cooked Fish:

Generally, a fish with proper deboning, cooking and thorough cleaning is rendered safe for use by your canine. But you should always remember the fact that higher amount of any fish fed to your dog can lead to a substantial deficiency in thiamine content. This can have severe consequence on your pooch’s health which can even turn to death in certain cases.

2-Raw Fish:

Uncooked fish can be good for the health of your pooch but make sure you clean it to eliminate any chances of tapeworms, roundworms or flukes. Freeze your fish in order to kill the potential bacterial growth before feeding it to your pet.


Seaweed can be a super food for your dog which brings in a lot of minerals and vitamin to the table.

Seafood to Avoid


Even after being tasty, tuna fish contains high mercury level that can be fatal to your dog when fed for a long term. However, a little bit of tuna with good time gap won’t have any harm on their health.

2-Fish Oil:

Rich content of Omega-3 oil can be good for you but is fish oil good for your dog? With increased pollution level in the sea, fish oil has been found to contain mercury, arsenic, lead and cadmium. All of these can be cancerous to your dog and instill irreplaceable nerve damage.


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