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A farmer’s dog adopted three abandoned fox cubs

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It’s always heartwarming to see the unbiased love that animals can show to one another. Just recently, we saw another great example of that when we learned how a farmer’s dog adopted three abandoned fox cubs. No one knows where the cubs came from, but their new adoptive “mother” – the spaniel Ruby – apparently doesn’t care – to her they are just cubs that need care so she provided that care with no hesitation.

The owner of the dog, the farmer Mark Bucknell, said that he had found the animals about a month ago. They were abandoned behind some straw bales in a shed at his farm near Newquay, Cornwall.

He took them inside thinking they were Ruby’s puppies. Fox cubs look a bit similar to spaniel puppies, plus Ruby had already started producing milk, so Mark mistook them for her own. Especially since the spaniel had already started mothering the fox cubs, it wasn’t that big of a leap.

Once the cubs started getting bigger, however, Mr. Bucknell realized what he had in his care.

He told BBC that he doesn’t know yet what he’ll do with the 3 foxes.

The fox cubs had been abandoned by their mother (Picture: BBC)

“At this stage we’re really not too sure what’s going to happen to them,” he said.

“Hopefully we will find somebody who will take them.

“We thought they were puppies and we’d sold two as puppies. Now we’ve got three fox cubs which we don’t know what we’re going to do with.”

Fortunately, Mark has four children that are helping to look after the cubs.

His daughter, Ebony, says her school friends think it is “a bit weird” that her parents are looking after three baby foxes.

“They bite a bit but they’re good,” she said.

Dogs Love Us More