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A loyal dog enchants the Chinese social media

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Xiongxiong is the name of China’s newest online celebrity. The elder dog charms people with by patiently waiting for his owner outside of a station every day. Little Bear, as Xiongxiong’s name translates into English, is on that station every day while his owner is at work.

It was in late April when the popular Pear Video website shared the first video of Xiongxiong. Since then, the video has reached over 10 million views.

The clip was filmed in the major south-western city of Chongqing and challenges people’s idea of loyalty. Dogs’ loyalty has never been under question, of course, but Xiongxiong is seemingly even more heartwarming because the dog is 15 years old.

The old pooch doesn’t just come before the train’s about to arrive either – Xiongxiong waits on the station for 12 hours every day. With no collar and without being tied down with a leash, Little Bear is just patiently – and seemingly happily – waiting for his owner.

Xiongxiong is ecstatic every time his owner returns (Source: Pear Video)

Xiongxiong’s owner – who’s chosen to remain unnamed – says that he’s been looking for the dog for the last 8 years and this isn’t a trained behavior.

“He’s always been like this,” he says, explaining that the dog has always done that.

Locals from Chongqing say that the dog poses no threat to anyone.

“He is very good,” one resident says while stroking the dog.

“He won’t eat anything you give him. He appears around seven or eight o’clock every day when his owner goes to work… and he waits, he just waits really happily.”

According to Pear Video, Little Bear has turned into such an online star that people are taking pictures with him and writing blog posts about meeting him.

What’s more, according to the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post newspaper, people are making journeys and trips to the area just so they can meet the loyal canine.

Xiongxiong isn’t just warming people’s hearts, he seems to be starting conversations and provoking thoughts among the online community.

“This is a very touching affair,” says ‘aRcherahero’. “We can draw so much morality from this.”

Other users point out that Xiongxiong is about 80 in human years, and this caused them to rethink their own attitude toward their families.

There’s also some debate on whether Xiongxiong’s owner is taking proper care of him.

“The owner should take better care of it; it is his responsibility to the public, and what a true lover of dogs would do,” says ‘SkunkSister’.

Others are concerned that this newfound fame may get the dog into trouble as ill-wishing people may cause him harm.

South China Morning Post says Xiongxiong has become a modern-day Hachiko and this definitely seems like a good comparison. One noticeable difference is that – in this story – the elderly dog may not outlive its owner.

Still, hopefully, there’s a lot of time until then and both Xiongxiong and his owner keep enjoying their friendship for a lot more years.

Dogs Love Us More