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Discovering Our Dog’s DNA

Photo Credit: Ana Francisconi
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It’s always amazing when you get a new pet and you see their personality begin to blossom! You learn all their interesting little quirks that are specific to just that dog. People are becoming more and more interested in why their dog is like that. This is where dog DNA tests come into play. For many years it has been popular for people to take DNA tests like 23&Me to find out more about their background. Pets are part of our families, so it makes sense that we would want to know more about them. This is important especially when they are rescue dogs.

Photo Credit: Artem Beliaikin

It is great for owners to learn more about their pet’s genetic makeup. The tests also gives them information on their special features! Special features include eye color and fur make-up. Since the development of these dog DNA tests, rescue dog parents do these tests often. As a pet parent, you are probably wondering how this DNA test works for your pet. If you know anything about how a human DNA kit works, it is actually very similar.

The Genetic Make Up Of Pets

Dogs have two copies of every gene. One is from their mother and the other is from their father. The DNA genetics labs are able to look at each one of these genes. Technology helps them to trace the maternal and paternal line of your dog. It not only extends to their parents but can be traced back to their great grandparents. This gives you a comprehensive overview of your dog’s family.

The Bonus Of Dog DNA Testing

An additional bonus to doing your dog’s DNA test is that is comes with health screenings! It will be so amazing for pet owners to be aware of any health issues. They can be prepared and take precautions to give their pet the best life it could have. There is something you should know. The tests come with a hefty price tag. It is definitely worth it though if you can afford it. Pets are like our children, we’ll do anything for them!

Which Test Is Best?

First on our list is the test called Embark. Embark allows the owners to get a very detailed health screening of their pet, maternal and paternal tracing as well as many genetic markers. This test has been said to be just as in depth as a human DNA test. It has over 200 breed tests! You also get results for wolf and coyote DNA. The wait is between 3-7 weeks for the results. This test can be ordered on Amazon for $199.

Test For New Dog Owners

This next test has been labelled as the best option for new dog owners. It is the HomeDNA Orivet Dog DNA Test and Life Plan. The test comes with a life plan which shows the diet, exercise and playtime routine that is best for your breed of dog. You’ll get results from 220 breeds, has a health screening and the wait time is just three weeks. This test is $125 and can be bought from HomeDNA.

Best For A Budget

If those price tags are out of your budget, we have another one that was rated as the best budget pick. It is called Find My Pet Dog DNA Test and retails for $77.88 on Amazon. This test covers 200 breeds and also includes the health screening. You just won’t get results on whether your dog has coyote or wolf in them. The wait time for your results is just two weeks making this a great option as well.

Photo Credit: Ana Francisconi

You might think that something like this is silly… Go and read some of the reviews and you will change your mind! Rescue pet parents were so happy to finally know their dogs history so that they can provide the best life for the breeds needs. There were also many amazing results due to the health screenings.

Customers said that these health screenings actually saved the lives of their pets. The owners were warned of diseases like cancer and other severe medical problems. They were able to learn about these conditions that their pets were predisposed to before it was too late and were able to really improve their pet’s quality of life.

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