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The Malone family is heartbroken after Gogglebox dog dies

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The Malone family from Gogglebox take care of several dogs, but after one of them – Frankie – just died, they were left heartbroken.

The 22-year-old Shaun announced on Instagram that after 11 years with them, their beloved Frank had to be put down.

Shaun posted a photo of him and Frankie, lying together on their well-known sofa in Manchester. Frankie was comfortably lying on Shaun’s stomach as the just chilled together.

As for putting Frankie down, Shaun wrote that it was the “best thing to do for him” adding, “R.I.P Frankie.”

The sight of the Malones in their living room, together with their dogs, is very familiar for their viewers.

The dogs are often spending time on their laps, they are playing with Shaun and Tom, or they are trying to steal some treats.

The Malones thanked their viewers for all their support:

Shaun and Frankie lying together. (Source: Shaun Malone’s Instagram)

“Thank you so very much for all your kind words & thoughts. It’s been a tough day but now trying to focus on all our good times with Frankie, there are such a lot! The thing is he was loved too much for us to let him suffer. He will never be forgotten, he will live on in our hearts.”

Shaun thanked the RSPCA specifically, as they were the ones to look after Frank before the Malones adopted him.

He wrote: “11 years ago my family got a dog frank from you and unfortunately he has had to be put to sleep today. Thank you for letting us have him.”

The RSPCA sent their condolences in return and posted: ‘It’s sad to hear this Shaun but we’re very glad that Frank was given a second chance and lived a happy life with you.

On TV or not, the bond between a dog and his or her owner is often so strong that it can be really hard to stomach the pain when it breaks.

Dogs Love Us More