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Ways to Support the Pit Bull Breed

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Pit Bull breed is a widely misunderstood one. Furthermore there’s a lot of bias and negativity towards Pit Bulls and legislation that threaten the breed. The breed needs a lot of support from people who love Pit Bulls. Because, they know from experience that how amazing Pit Bulls are. Therefore it’s important to make the effort to help the breed, so that it survives and they are understood better.

In this article, we highlight a few areas where you as a Pit Bull lover can help contribute to the betterment of Pit Bulls.

Microchip Your Pit Bull

It is a must to microchip any dog. It can be the deciding factor between life or death in case your Pit Bull gets lost. Furthermore, it’s also a good idea to have your Pit Bull wear a suitable collar with a name tag at all times. Read our article on selecting a safe collar for your Pit Bull here.

Train & Socialize Your Pit Bull

Socialize and train your Pit Bull to win hearts.

Some neighbors are not particularly nice towards Pit Bulls. But, is your Pit Bull nice to your neighbors? Socialize and train your Pit Bull properly. If you do that, he or she won’t take that long to win the love and trust of your neighbors. It’s the best way to eliminate the unnecessary fear that communities have towards Pit Bulls.

Avoid Breeding for Selling

Overpopulation is the biggest problem the Pit Bull breed is facing right now. Therefore breeding and pumping more Pit Bulls into homes isn’t helping the challenges the breed is currently facing. If you’re a real Pit Bull lover, don’t breed them if your primary intention is selling the litter.

Get Involved with Local Animal Control

There’s no better way to fight the fight than from the inside. Volunteer and become a part of local animal control. Having Pit Bull lovers within animal control can help prevent any unfair decisions and legislation taken by them towards Pit Bulls.

Fight Against Dog Fighting

Dog fighting is arguably the main reason behind the spoiled reputation the Pit Bull breed has. So do your part to raise awareness about dog fighting. It can be something as simple as sharing a post on social media or putting up a few posters around.

Support a Good Pit Bull Rescue

Don’t have much time to become involved? Support a good Pit Bull Rescue and help find abandoned and abused Pit Bulls loving homes. There are many causes carried out by true dog lovers who work tirelessly. They need our support.

In addition make a point not to support any group that advocates breed discrimination in any form. They are not helping Pit Bulls as a breed.

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