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Selecting Your Pit Bull’s Collar – Part I

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There are many different choices when it comes to picking your Pit Bull’s Collar. It’s important to provide proper training for your Pit Bull before putting a collar on them. Consult a dog trainer if you are having a tough time using a collar. Most collars are training tools and incorrect use of them can be harmful for your Pit Bull both physically and mentally.

Make sure that the collar you choose for your Pit Bull’s Collar has no chance of getting tangled anywhere in the household. If there’s a chance of that happening when you leave your Pit Bull outdoors or in his/her kennel, make sure that you remove the collar.

Micro chipping your Pit Bull will be a lifesaver if your Pit Bull escapes without the collar or if the collar gets lost while he or she is lost. With a microchip, you will still be able to track your Pit Bull.

Read Part II of this article to find out about more collars in the market. This article that discusses about safely tethering Pit Bulls will also be useful.


Choosing a metal collar for your Pit Bull may not be a good idea due to safety concerns. Cloth collars are too weak for a dog that’s as strong as a Pit Bull. Collars made out of leather are great for Pit Bulls along with a nice look, but they are expensive. Nylon collars are also a good, affordable option.


Plastic buckles are too weak for Pit Bulls. Make sure that you select a collar with a metal buckle.

Your Pit Bull’s Collar Size

Choose a collar that has a width of between one to two inches. Measure your Pit Bull’s neck with a tape and make sure that the collar that you buy has the ideal length. Make sure that you don’t keep the tape too tight or too lose when you’re measuring your Pit Bull’s neck.


Most collars that are available in the market are ‘cute’ ones. Most Pit Bull owners don’t feel that it’s a look that suits a Pit Bull. However, avoid buying spiked collars, because their look supports the myth that Pit Bulls are mean and dangerous dogs. Consider going for a masculine looking collar that isn’t intimidating.

Flat-Buckle Collar

This is a great ‘everyday’ collar for Pit Bulls. However, flat-buckle collars are not suitable for pullers or training Pit Bulls who are pullers.

Flat-Buckle collars make great ‘everyday’ collars…

Limited-Slip or Martingale Collar

This collar can be the ‘everyday’ collar for your Pit Bull, but you must make sure that it fits properly and handle with care. Limited-slip collar tightens according to how tight the leash is. It’s a good way to send a message to your Pit Bull if he/she is pulling too hard when being trained to walk on a loose leash.

Limited-slip collars are much safer than Choke belts, because they only tighten up to a certain amount, unlike choke belts.

To be Continued

We will be taking a further look at more dog collars under Part II of this article. Click here to continue to learn more about various collars that can be used on Pit Bulls.

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