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An Akita dog’s incredible growth spurt is documented in amazing family photos

Dog's six month growth spurt METRO GRAB taken from: Credit: Danielle Schweiger
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Just like children, dogs can sometimes surprise us with their amazing growth. Be it because of their unexpected breed or because of their unnatural even for their breed genetics – young pups can grow stunningly fast. And this is best exemplified here, as ab Akita dog’s incredible growth spurt is documented in amazing family photos.

One family documented their dog’s incredible growth within six months, and that dog‘s name is – fittingly so – Bear.

Bear is a six month old Akita. Once upon a time, he was a regular, small pup, but not anymore. In just several months he has grown like his namesakes.

Danielle Schweiger and her husband became Bear‘s owners when he was just 10 weeks old. It was then that they began a photography project where Danielle regularly had her picture taken holding the dog.

They couldn’t believe how rapidly their new canine pal was growing. And growing. And growing.

In the beginning, Bear looked really small!

Credit: Danielle Schweiger
METRO GRAB taken from:
Credit: Danielle Schweiger

‘What we have enjoyed the most is watching Bear grow into his incredible personality,’ Bear’s owners told The Dodo.

‘We feel incredibly blessed to have a noble protector, loving family member, and all-around best friend.’

These 6 months have flown by not just for Bear’s owners, but for the pup himself. Schweiger says that the “little dog” doesn’t even realize how huge he’s become.

‘He is COMPLETELY unaware of his size,’ Schweiger continues. ‘He constantly knocks me over or tries to fit in my lap!

As if that wasn’t enough, what’s even funnier is that Bear isn’t even fully grown yet! Akita dogs tend to continue growing for the first three years of their lives. Of course, the most rapid growth happens in the first year, but it is still a scary notion. These dogs can get as tall as 2 feet 4 inches at the shoulder, but we’re yet to see if Bear will grow even larger than that!

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