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Safely Tethering Pit Bulls

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Many are under the wrong impression that tethering Pit Bulls makes them more aggressive and the practice is inhumane. If correctly done, tethering is a secure way to keep your Pit Bull outdoors for reasonable and humane periods of time. There is more than enough proof that suggests correct and appropriate tethering has no effect on a Pit Bull’s behavior.

Bad Tethering

The idea of tethering Pit Bulls is often condemned as a reason of neglected dogs who are kept tethered tightly all day without any exercise or human interaction. We agree that, such tethering should be avoided and condemned. However, it’s not fair to condemn the practice entirely as cruel based on such negative examples.

Correctly Tethering Pit Bulls

Safe tethering for short periods of time is not bad.

Appropriate tethering must allow at least 20 feet circumference without risk of entanglement. That offers the tethered Pit Bull around 1200 square feet to move around. The tethering material should be strong, but it also needs to be as light as possible.

Your Pit Bull’s tethering area should have enough sunlight, shady spots throughout the day, dry ground, a clean source of water and a good dog house that’s suitable to the climate. The tethering area should also be secure so that people or animals will not be able to get within the reach of your Pit Bull.

The Pit Bull should be wearing a safe and comfortable collar. You should never tether a dog with just a harness or a choke chain. Read Part I and Part II of our article ‘Selecting Your Pit Bull’s Collar’ to learn more about collars.

Family Time is Important

Tethering Pit Bulls must always be coupled with justifying why they are being tethered at that time. They are highly social animals and keeping them away from their family is inhumane. A Pit Bull should not be tethered all the time. It should only be an option when you are away from home or when you can’t look after him/her.

It is a must to let your Pit Bull be with you and your family whenever possible. Tethering Pit Bulls for long lengths of time while their families are at home is not a good idea as that will make them sad and stressed.

Therefore, make sure that you use appropriate tethering where you can’t take better care of your Pit Bull. You should avoid tethering Pit Bulls when you have the ability to spend time with them. Read our article on Housing Your Pit Bull to learn more about ways to safely house your Pit Bull.

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