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Buying a Good Kennel for Your Pit Bull

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A kennel is a very good option to keep your Pit Bull safely while you are away or busy. Many dog lovers don’t look at kennels carefully and end up settling for ones that are not ideal for their Pit Bull. In this article, we take a look at things to watch out for when you are buying a kennel for your Pit Bull.

A good kennel should provide a secure, dry and weather resistant space for your Pit Bull. Don’t go for a cheap kennel as Pit Bulls are strong and athletic. They can escape easily if the kennel is not secure enough. Furthermore, an unsuitable kennel can cause many physical and behavioral problems.

Read our article on housing Pit Bulls to make sure that you put your kennel to good use.

Safe Kennel Requirements

Make sure your Pit Bull’s kennel meets these requirements.

Below is a check-list that you can use when you’re buying a kennel for your Pit Bull.

  • The kennel should have a solid floor, a solid top and wire around its edges to prevent your Pit Bull from escaping.
  • The wire should be strong enough and cover the entire perimeter of the kennel.
  • The kennel should have an area with shade during the entire day. There should also be a sunny spot where your Pit Bull can enjoy some warm sun light when he/she feels like it.
  • It’s important to have an insulated dog house in cold climates, so that your Pit Bulls keeps warm.
  • The kennel should have access to a secured and clean water bucket at all times.

Creating a Comfortable Kennel for Your Pit Bull

Once you have decided the kennel that you’re going to buy, use the following steps to make it a cozy and safe space for your Pit Bull.

  • Make sure that there’s a dig-proof barrier below the kennel.
  • Secure the water bowl or bucket so that it doesn’t tip off. Make sure that whatever the material that you use for securing it doesn’t pose a threat to your Pit Bull in any way.
  • Have a good idea about how your yard receives sunshine during different seasons. The kennel should get some amount of sun during the day throughout the year. Most importantly, there should be a shady spot/s throughout the day so that your Pit Bull can escape the hot sun.

Don’t forget to check out other Pit Bull kennels to get good ideas and recommendations. Pit Bull owners sharing their experiences is very important. Once the kennel for your Pit Bull is set up, make sure that it’s maintained on a daily basis. Remember to put the kennel in use only when it’s absolutely necessary. Let your Pit Bull be with you and your family whenever possible.

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